Minute Ventilation - Patients Age

I have a BS Accolade L331, and am trying to set up the MV feature. One parameter is  "patients age". What effect does this number have on the overall results of the Minute Ventilation. I am 83, and wonder if a lower setting would improve results.



by stevebne - 2022-12-28 20:01:59


Patients age is only relevant if you let the BS algorhythm create the settings. If you set these manually, then age is not a part of the settings. The settings are either: 'Derive from patient attributes' i.e. age and gender OR 'Manually Program' where you set the ventilatory threshold and ventilatory threshold response. Note that these settings only determine when the straight line relationship between MV and HR changes and any further increase in MV has a lower impact on HR. In other words, this is not the key input in determining when the PM will raise your HR, but helps deternine what happens when your HR has already risen and you keep increasing exercise intensity. Of course, your max HR is already set (MSR) and you may have reached that before getting to the VT in which case none of this matters.


My suggestion

by PacedNRunning - 2022-12-28 21:08:47

When programming for exercise, I found if you pick one sport it is easier to program the device than saying I run, bike and golf. The device will respond different based on what you are doing. So pick a sport you do the most and use that one to program the device. With other sports, you will have to modify what you do. Also worh MV and XL you should be 2 points higher with MV Than XL. They should'nt be the same. It's very individual when your programming for exercise and just programming in general. Best bet, pick one sport and go from there. :). 

Fitness for MV setup

by rmarkley - 2022-12-28 22:04:49


Is MV Fitness Level  an input to the BS algorhythm, or is it part of the manual settings?

My suggestion

by radishbattery - 2023-01-05 04:52:48

It is simpler to set the gadget for exercise if you choose one sport rather than claiming you run, cycle, and golf. Depending on what you do, the gadget will react differently. In order to program the gadget, choose the sport that you participate in the most.

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