Touch Lamp Interference

Had a call from the suppliers rep ... not receiving signal batch.

Was advised that Touch-lamp alongside bed was notorious for this problem.

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Not always

by Lavender - 2022-12-22 11:06:44

I have a Boston Scientific Latitude monitor next to my bed under the nightstand. On top of the nightstand is a touch lamp. I called Boston Sci this morning because my monitor did a yellow flash dance yesterday. It was blinking all over-all areas yellow but later went green again. I pushed the status button on the back and it stuck on green on one side but then was fine. 

Found out that yellow flashing meant there might have been a pause in electrical service to the device. No problem and it reset itself. 

I had seen your comment so I also asked the Boston Scientific tech about the touch lamp. The tech said not all lamps and not all devices interact. If the lamp is causing interference, the device would signal yellow on one side. She said my lamp isn't interfering with my device. 

Flashing Monitors

by Marybird - 2022-12-22 16:00:25

My Merlin@ Home (St. Jude/Abbott) monitor has a series of LEDs in a line on its front, along with several icons that light up under certain circumstances, but normally only the one green LED stays lit, indicating the power is on and the monitor is ready for action.  When the power to the monitor is interrupted, when it's unplugged, there is a power blip or outage, and the power comes back on, the leds on the front light serially ( they're yellowish) and go off again as the monitor resets itself after the outage.

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