TIG Welding

Hi, I've been advised not to TIG weld with my new pacemaker, but I've seen posts elsewhere which indicate it is OK if you take certain precautions.
I wondered whether the members on here have any relevant information or personal experiences they would like to share?





by AgentX86 - 2022-12-04 17:52:15

Medtronic's EMI guidelines say that the welder be less than 160A, keep the unit 5' from your body, arc 2' from the PM (not easy to do), twist the welding cables and place the ground clamp as close to the arc as possible. If you have to stop the weld, wait some before restarting the weld.

And, of course, it you start to feel badly, nauseous, dizzy, etc. put it down and walk away (ed: go home).

Welding (response)

by John_Duffy - 2023-01-01 14:06:26

Thanks AgentX86 for your quick response, and apologies for my rudeness in not anwering before now.
I've got a few weeks now before my first PM assessment and will ask the same question to the technicians then. Also, I don't yet have the manufacturer's name or other information about my PM.
I've bought a cheap smart watch and keep an eye on my pulse rate which varies between 55 and 115. The latter was the highest I've seen on a brisk walk but I suffered no ill effects.

Thanks and a Happy New Year




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