ventricular tachycardia

Today through the heart centers portal recieved an email notice that  cardiologist recived a message from their device clinic.  They stated that they are picking up some VT on my device.  The Dr. is recommending that i have a stress test.  She would like to determine if there are any concerns with obstructive disease that may be hindering blood flow to my heart.

Did think yesterday morning might have something around 8am.  Was getting ready to heat some pinto beans that had been soaking all night.  Had to sit, took my pulse did seem a little fast.  After a couple of minutes seemed ok.  Continued what i was doing.  Felt fine the rest of the day even played 3 games of Scrabble and won 2 of them. 

Hope to see the PA in a week.  The scheduler said i have to see the cardiologist before the stress test for the  Insurance  to pay   have to see the Dr. during  the  60 days   before the stress test.  Saw her last May.  Otherwise i have to pay.

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Oh I love Pinto beans

by Gemita - 2022-12-02 04:05:31

Hello New to Pace, thank you for your post.  It is a concern but I suppose an important question to ask your doctor would be how long did the VT episodes last and how high were the ventricular rates?  I suspect they were non sustained episodes since although you seemed to be aware of an increased heart rate yesterday for example, it quickly passed and you didn’t seem to have any lasting symptoms if I have understood correctly?

Yes with VT if it becomes more frequent, it can be an indication, particularly in the elderly, of ischaemic/coronary artery disease so they sometimes need to rule out any arterial blockages.  They usually start with a chemically induced echocardiogram stress test and if this indicates a problem, they may then recommend a more invasive investigation.  The gold standard for assessing coronary arteries is an angiogram, but hopefully you won’t need further testing.

As a matter of fact a chemically induced stress echocardiogram successfully confirmed my husband’s extensive coronary artery disease.  This was followed up by an angiogram and he urgently required three stents, two in his Left anterior descending artery and one in his Right coronary artery.  I am glad to report that on the whole his non sustained VT episodes have mainly resolved following his stent placement.

Of course New to Pace, you may not have critical coronary arterial disease and there may be other causes for your non sustained VT.  Have you had your electrolytes checked lately?  Non sustained VT can be a common finding even in young, healthy individuals.  In view of your age and other electrical disturbances (Atrial Fibrillation), I am glad though they are investigating this further.  I hope for the very best.

By the way I love pinto beans.  When we were last on holiday in Italy before Covid, we were given some freshly harvested pinto beans.  I will send you a pic or post in the Gallery (now posted in our Gallery - click on Member's Only, Member's Gallery to view).  They were the best pinto beans I ever tasted.  Pulses can deteriorate quickly under poor storage conditions or if stored for long periods.

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