Colonoscopy and a fib

Hi all

i recently posted that I had been asked to have a colonoscopy after an abnormal bowel test and was wondering if Edoxaban may have caused bleeding. Thanks to Gemita, Marybird and Ian for responding.

I had the colonoscopy last week, they found a polyp which they took out, but also found evidence of diverticulitis which had been bleeding. They were not sure if Edoxaban might have triggered this.

I am going to ask Cardiologist next week to look at my dosage and see if it can be cut down.

The other thing that happened was the procedure triggered off my A Fib, which lasted for a few days, I think it all might have been caused by the bowel prep and the laxatives...It has certainly taken a while to settle!

Thanks to all on this site, it really helps to share. Keep well!


So glad it is behind you

by Gemita - 2022-11-24 16:13:21

Dear Lil, I am glad the colonoscopy is over and you know what you are dealing with, at least with the diverticulitis and I hope the polyp will come back benign.

Yes do ask about the possibility of reducing your 60mg Edoxaban to 30mg since I think you are under 60 kg?  If so 30mg is still fully protective for AF stroke prevention.

Unfortunately the bowel preparation is awful and I experienced AFib during my colonoscopy and afterwards too.  There is no doubt that the bowel and the heart are intricately linked.  I even asked to spend the night before my colonoscopy in hospital because of my high heart rates during the bowel preparation and my doctors kindly arranged this for me.

Please stay in touch and participate on the forum whenever you have time.  Your experience with managing AFib will be valuable.  I wish you all the very best

So glad it is behind you

by AgentX86 - 2022-11-24 16:45:50

Gemita! That's really, really, bad.

Anticoagulants don't cause bleeding but they can make the bleed worse. It's a significant distinction but often without a difference. For example, it makes a big difference in a stroke but not so much with a paper cut. Bleeding in the bowels is the problem, IMO, not the anticoagulant.  In fact, an anticoagulant can highlight and be an early warning of a real problem.  It's good that you're having the followup.


I can’t help myself, can I?

by Gemita - 2022-11-24 17:07:39

Don't make me laugh AgentX86.  My ribs are already hurting from my fall on Tuesday!

Happy Thanksgiving Day

Behind things

by Loonylil - 2022-11-24 17:36:40

Thanks Agentx(86

that makes a lot of sense! I got so hung up about the anti coagulant that I didn't pay enough attention to the chance of a fib.

Still trying to work out what triggers it off..been prescribed diltiazem and digoxin to help, but I'm not sure yet!
keep well x


by Marybird - 2022-11-25 15:58:03

Sometimes GI  bleeding enhanced by anticoagulants can bring to light an unexpected  colon cancer that has snuck up to bite you on the you know where.... ask me how I know.....

LooneyLil, I remember at my pre-endoscopy appointment when I was speaking to the doctor about finding the bleeding source, he said that he would treat or fix ( if possible) any bleeding source he found. That would include gastric ulcers, other bleeding areas that could be cauterized, or otherwise treated to stop the bleeding. Of course significant bleeding that could not be stopped this way would have to be treated otherwise.

But I wondered, if your diverticular bleeding might have been treatable during your colonoscopy either by cauterizing the bleeding sites, or whatever else they can do to,stop this type of bleeding. Just decreasing your anticoagulant might slow down the bleeding, but it won't,take care of a possible ongoing problem in your colon. 

Sorry about your A-Fib, I understand some of those colon preps can effect your fluid-electrolyte balance enough to set off A-Fib and other arrhythmias. I'm fortunate in that with the two colon preps I had to go through this summer ( one for the colonoscopy, the second three weeks later for the colon resection surgery) my A-Fib pretty much behaved itself. 

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