I want to take a Cruise with my husband. I was wondering how did you feel while on it. Did you feel dizzy or did your Pacemaker function properly? I am really worried. I took Cruisi's all the time before Pacemaker was installed, this will be my first experience with it.



by new to pace.... - 2022-11-23 06:05:58

According to your bio you have had this device since 2012.  Surprised you have not been on a cruise since then.?

new to pace


by islandgirl - 2022-11-23 23:11:09

Don't let your device hold you back.  Talk to your EP about travelling.  I have to bring my monitor with me--it picks up any cell signal and doesn't cost anything extra.  I've been cruising, even on the Mehkong River and camping in the Sahara Desert.

Enjoy yourself, and live your life.  

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