Burning Near Pacemaker Incision

I had my first follow up checkout Friday Nov 18. All is ok with pacemaker working. Today I still get that burning pain not at the incision but above it where the arm and shoulder connect. I take Tylenol and it helps a little. Anyone take anything stronger. I use ice also.


How frustrating

by Lavender - 2022-11-20 18:19:14

I'm glad you learned that all is well with the pacemaker. I'm sure that this healing stuff is getting old. I had a lot of weird sensations for seven months after my surgery. I had stinging biting jabs, sudden sharp pain when turning my neck and lots of shoulder/arm pain. 

Ice on the back of the shoulder helped. I also see a licensed massage therapist often. She keeps the arm loosened up and was key to getting my shoulder and back feeling better. I often wonder if I was pulled or restrained in a weird position during the surgery. 

I get reactions to most meds -so Tylenol was what I was told to take. 650mg four times a day. A pharmacist told me not to use Voltaren cream near the heart, so I didn't use that. My massage therapist said that alternating heat and ice is best so I did that too. 20 minutes of heat. Take a break then 20 minutes of ice. Repeat. 

One day I realized that I was ok again. It took longer than I expected and I felt that I hadn't been properly prepared as to what I would feel like. They should give you a book saying there's a range of recovery symptoms and the spectrum of levels of discomfort. 

I do believe with all my heart that you will heal. Your heart is doing its part. That's so important. Try and see if lying in a warm bath helps or moist heat too. Wet a towel lightly. Microwave a very short time. Watch that it's not too hot. Lay it on your shoulder. My massage therapist does that to me. Ahhhhh

Healing After Surgery Pacemaker Implant

by frankf48 - 2022-11-24 11:31:14

Happy Thanksgiving to all who have helped me on this forum. It looks like everyone goes thru some pain during the healing process. God bless you all for your suggestions.

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