Biotronik identification card

Hi I'm a newbie, 41 having (very suddenly and shocked) had a pacemaker fitted 12 days ago.  I left hospital with my "identification card" which was a piece of half a4 paper, looked like recycled paper which is no way going to last 10 years!

I contacted Biotronik to see if they issue cards he said no unfortunately not. 
I feel I need to have a card for longevity can anyone advise of where is best to get one and what details I need on it exactly? Xx


All is not lost

by Gemita - 2022-11-15 05:28:27

You could fold your piece of paper to fit into your credit card plastic sleeve holder for example which is what I do.  No doubt you always have your credit card holder with you?

Alternatively many here have their "essential" pacemaker details engraved on wrist bands, medical ID bracelets.  You could for example have a look at the link below (copy and paste into your main browser to open) or search Amazon medical bracelet.  Details like your name, pacemaker patient, cardiologist/EP contact tel no., heart condition being treated, for example Heart Block or Sick Sinus Syndrome, whether you are pacemaker dependent, any meds you are on, any allergies, any other important health conditions present, Next of Kin tel no. and things like this printed on a medical ID wrist band or similar which you can wear.

Have you checked the hospital

by JoanneMT - 2022-11-15 06:15:29

Purplebear I hope you pacemaker will improve your life.  

I also have a Biotronik pm?  I received identification card of the pm (with serial number, type and maker) from the hospital.  Have you checked with the hospital or cardiologist.  


And you'll find that it's not much use

by crustyg - 2022-11-15 06:17:50

Other contributors may have similar or different experiences: in general this little card is rarely used by anyone.  Do make a note of device model+serial numbers and for the leads - this may be useful but only rarely.

This little card doesn't 'open sesame' for MRI scans, your EP-team already have full details of your device + leads, I've not yet met anyone at venue or airport security who cares about the card.  Perhaps, stuck out in the boonies where they have one vendor's programmer (and not one for your device) it might be useful for them to know exactly which device you have to interpret a magnet response (does two things- puts you device into a fixed pacing mode *and* usually gives them some indication of remaining battery life).

Arguably it's more valuable to stop paramedics and those trained in CPR+ext-DeFib from putting one of the paddles directly over your device, but many here feel that a Medic-Alert/SOS-Talisman or similar is more useful for that - more likely to be noticed before they hit the Button.

Agree w Crusty

by Lavender - 2022-11-15 08:18:03

No one has ever asked to see my device ID card. When I left the hospital, they gave me a paper one. Later, Boston Sci mailed me a plastic credit card type one. I carry it when leaving home. 

Also as Crusty mentioned-I am concerned that if in an accident, a paramedic might not be aware of my device. So-I always wear a medic alert necklace when leaving my house. Mine is a heart on a chain with the medical alert symbol on the front. On the back is my name, my contact person's phone and that I have a pacemaker. I bought it on amazon. The engraving is free. 

I extend my welcome to the club which no one really seeks to join. Unpleasant surprises bought most of us here. We do adapt and go on. I'm sorry your young life was interrupted by this event, but it ensures that your life will continue! One day you can be an old person like me. 😘😆

Pacemaker information

by AgentX86 - 2022-11-15 11:51:11

I have a Medtronic card with all of the information on it.  However, I bought one of the red metal, credit card sized, medical alert card with all of my information, including all drugs (a long list).  I wear a medic-alert dog tag with the critical information and a note to see wallet card. They're dirt cheap and good insurance, IMO. I'd wear some sort of jewlry too.  StickyJ is the cheapest place I've found for quality stuff (same as everyone else sells at 2-3x the price).


Biotronik mailed me a card

by ourswimmer - 2022-11-15 13:04:24

It arrived a few weeks after my implant procedure. I have never used it, though. I have told people a few times who wanted to wand me for security or something that I had a pacemaker, but nobody has ever asked for any proof beyond my word. The scar probably would be better proof than a card, anyway.

I also got a medic alert ID, in silicone bracelet form from RoadID. If I ever have any medical emergency at the pool or in open water, heart-related or not, I figured the first responders would appreciate the heads-up.

Yes, I just got my card from Biotronik...

by Mad Hatter - 2022-11-15 13:22:55 took three months, but I got it.  My name was misspelled on the temporary one from the hospital and the ink was starting to rub off.  I also got a medical alert band that goes on my watch from Amazon.  The only reason I think the card might be useful is for contact information to the EP's office if I was incapacitated, but like others have said, the scar is really all the evidence you need.  I was in a CPR training course recently and looking for a pacemaker is part of the standard training, so any EMT or healthcare professional would know what to look for.

Thank you

by purplebear - 2022-11-16 08:33:46

Thank you all so much for your replies all just very new and getting used to everything I got a bracelet band and will just photocopy and laminate my paper details. 
Now just to figure out how to sleep without constantly thinking I can hear something in my heart!! :0)

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