Stinging Burning at Implant site.

I had implant of CRT-D Nov 2. It is healing but yestersay started to get a burning and stinging at the implant site. The pain comes and goes as I move around. Some times it takes my breath away and sometimes it is not to bad. Should I call my doctor or just deal with it as part of the surgery and healing process.



by Tracey_E - 2022-11-11 12:05:40

We get all sorts of odd sensations as things heal. Things to watch out for are new redness or swelling, oozing, heat, red streaks, fever.

Have you tried ice?

When in doubt, it's always ok to call. They'd rather see us over nothing than have us tough it out when something is going on. 

Burning and Stinging

by AgentX86 - 2022-11-11 12:10:46

You're only a week away from your surgery.  These sorts of pains are perfectly normal.  As long as there aren't signs of infection, nothing is wrong.  If there are signs of infection, get to a doctor NOW.  If there is any doubt, go to an immediate care clinic.  If it is infected and you can't get to your cardiologist within 24hrs. go to the ER. Infections at the pacemaker site are deadly serious.

If it's not infected (99% probability) it's a normal healing sensatoin.  Nerves were cut during surgery and they're complaining.  Everyone has a different reaction but what you're describing, after only a week, is not unusual. Itching, burning, stinging, "ant bites", or many others may go on for a few months as the nerves nit back together.  It shouldn't be nearly as intense as you're feeling now but it is normal.

You say that it comes and goes as you move your arm.  Don't let that be a reason to keep your arm immobile.  You need to keep your shoulder moving or "frozen shoulder" can set in.  If you think you're in pain now, you do not want go that way. You'll be in physical therapy at the hands of Mr. Torquemada. Don't use a sling at all.

The bottom line, keep your shoulder moving, within the constraints given by your cardiologist, NP, or whomever gave you post surgery instructions.


Pocket Issues

by Stache - 2022-11-13 18:25:39

I can only speak to my 22 month ago implant. I had a lot of issues with burning, sharp pain, pacer shifting, and lastly a major infection that burst open after 4 weeks.  It all looked okay on the outside but inside stitches caused a major infection.  My pacer was removed and a lot of extra tissue was removed that was damaged by the infection.  After the second surgery, I did not have the burning or sharp pains while it healed up.  It took my pocket almost a year to fill in with all the tissue that was removed.  Infection is something to check for every day.  When in doubt contact the doctor and heart staff they need to take a first-hand look.

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