Can a recliner with heat & vibration affect a Pacemaker

I am looking to purchase a new recliner that has heat and vibration for my back.  I know that certain items interfere with Pacemakers,  I have a Biotronic Edora 8 DR-T (Pro MRI) pacermaker. Has anyone asked this question before, and received any answers.  I was shopping this weekend, but the person I need to speak with in Customer Service is off till Monday.  I also tried to download the manual for my pacemaker, but it won't download.




by AgentX86 - 2022-10-29 19:30:13

Store personell aren't going to have a clue and anyone who even knows what you're talking about will differ to the lawyers and say "no". Law suits aren't funny and they'll forgo a sale to avoid them.

That said, there shouldn't be a probem. A motor very close to your pacemaker could be a problem but any motor in the chair will be very small and you're not likely to lay on it.  It shouldn't (disclainer alert) be a problem.

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