Keloid scars

I am on the waiting list to have a paceemaker.   Over the last 50 years, I have had two operations on my body  and with bothof them, I suffered keloid scars which took about 10 years before they stopped itching and hurting.   I dont feel I can go through this again for the rest of my life (I am now 75).    I cannot find any information for what I should expect if I don't have a pacemaker.

Can anyone give me any advice or pointme in th right direction?

thank you



keloid scars

by new to pace.... - 2022-10-28 06:34:00

If the doctor said you need a pacemaker generally it is for a slow heartbeats.  It is better to get a pacemaker so your  heart is beating evenly.  You should feel better with a pacemaker.

Now they are treatments out there, that can help you with your keloid scaring. 

new to pace

Do I need a pacemaker ?

by Gemita - 2022-10-28 07:15:33

Leni, you say

“I cannot find any information for what I should expect if I don’t have a pacemaker”.  My answer would respectfully be that if a pacemaker is needed and you decided not to follow your doctor’s advice at worst you could be looking at a sudden cardiac arrest from a heart that can no longer support your energy needs or a slow steady decline in your well being.  

A slow heart rhythm will eventually deprive your organs of oxygen and nutrients.  You can get lightheaded or dizzy.  You can become short of breath and easily fatigued and you can faint.

So my answer would be, it depends on why you need a pacemaker?  Would you care to tell us why a pacemaker has been recommended?

If for instance you have severe bradycardia, or pausing or partial heart block between the upper and lower chambers of your heart and you tried to live without a pacemaker you could be in danger of your heart stopping in your sleep, or when you are out in public places, perhaps even while driving.  

My husband and I both suffered intermittent episodes of loss of consciousness (syncope) before our pacemaker was implanted and having a fall, particularly as we get older, can indeed cause serious injury.  Clearly your doctor feels you need a pacemaker to keep you safe and I would advise you to get one for this reason alone.  Other benefits will also come from having a pacemaker and I include a link below (2nd link) that you can read at your leisure about the advantages/disadvantages of a pacemaker, when indicated.

While I can appreciate your concern about wound scarring and the distress that itching causes (and I know only too well how this affects our quality of life), there are treatments that can help, please see the attached link on keloid scars (1st link).   I also attach Pacemaker Club post links which may be of interest.  Please copy and paste all links into your main browser to open.  I wish you lots of luck in coming to the best decision for you

Lots of help out there!

by Lavender - 2022-10-29 09:17:05

There's a lot of keloid removal options these days and scar preventative creams etc.. My latest tube of triple antibiotic even includes a scar preventative. 

Dermatology can help. 
Don't worry in advance. 😘

What to expect if you don't get a pacemaker? Fainting at the most inconvenient times, in the most dangerous ways, possibly death. 

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