At home EKG/ECG Device that can automatically see if im in afib that works with pacemaker


I was looking for a while for an at home ECG/EKG device that can see If Im in afib by itself. All the things I have looked at so far say they have not tested with pacemakers which means they probably wont be accurate. Is there any that do work with pacemakers?





by new to pace.... - 2022-10-18 19:52:27

Would help if you would fill in your profile, so we can give you good advice.

I know my pacemaker sends in nightly reports,   They then contact me if any problems.   

Do try to avoid the trigger foods, that might help you.

new to pace

Personal EKG devices

by AgentX86 - 2022-10-18 22:34:50

You might get lucky and it'll work but pacing spikes will likely fool it. It will take an EKG that you can learn to read yourself or send to your cardiologist for interpretation. 

A couple of things:

- What are you going to do differently if you find that you're in AF?

- Instead of using a wiz-bang toy (I'm not really against EKG devices  - I had one) can't you check your pulse yourself?  Afib is really easy to identify (irregular heart beat).

As long as you're on anticoagulation (depending on your CHADS score)  and keep your heart rate under 100bpm, you should be fine even in Afib. Some few only need anticoagulation when they're in AF so can stop it otherwise.  They have to be really careful because one day without anticoagulation could lead to a stroke. This is risky and not for most.

Many are asymptomatic so don't do anything about AF. Some of us are highly symptomatic so when we're in AF we don't need a box to tell us. Mitigating AF becomes more of a quality of life issue rather than a health issue.

Again, do you really need it?  They can be counterproductive. Some get hung up on their AF so constantly check their EKG device, rather like many with a smart watch (been there with both). They're useful if used appropriately but can become an obsession.

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