Beta blockers

My cardiologist prescribed 12.5mg of Atenolol once a day after my pacemaker procedure on September 12th of this year.  Reading up on this med., I am wondering why he prescribed this given that I have low blood pressure and a low heart rate was the reason I had the pacemaker (40bpm, now set at 60bpm via the pacemaker).  Is anyone else taking this med. and also has low blood pressure?


Beta blocker

by AgentX86 - 2022-10-13 11:12:51

Sure. I'd bet most of us here are on beta blockers, mostly metoprolol, but there are many. You don't have to worry about your heart rate, that's what your pacemaker is for. In fact, some have a pacemaker specifically to allow higher doses of heart rate depressing drugs to be used.

Beta blockers are used to calm the heart, so reduce ectopic beats.

If you're worried about your low blood pressure then track it and call if it remains too low


ask why

by Tracey_E - 2022-10-13 11:38:59

The pacer won't let your rate get too low, so that's safe, but I would question the blood pressure. Why did he prescribe them? Many of us are on them, but just having a pacer is not a reason to need them. They stop racing, lower blood pressure, keep the heart from working as hard. 

Beta Blocker

by Lurker # 4375 - 2022-10-13 15:08:00


You are also AFib (like me). It's the "certain irregular heart beats" that Atenolol is controlling .
The PM is is a gas pedal not a brake. 
I went A Fib 3 times and had the paddles taken to me to slow my heart cause nothing else would. Believe me, its not fun. For the next month your not in very good shape to do a whole lot. 
I used to take metropolol but was taken off just months before PM. 
Now I take Flecainide which slows my heart down. My blood pressure is controlled by hydrochlorthiazide a simple water pill. 1/2 a pill each day. 
That combination works great for me. 
Been on the water pill for years 
You just have to remember to drink lots of fluids. 



Use of beta blockers.

by Selwyn - 2022-10-16 12:26:24

Providing your blood pressue is not causing symptoms if it is low, beta blockers can be used for the treatment of:

angina and myocardial infarction.
heart failure
atrial fibrillation  and other fast arrhythmias
glaucoma – as eyedrops


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