Thank you for your messages an marking me feel a bit more better knowing there's more people out there liveing a normal long life.Also is it expected to get a bit pain in chest  after having a pacemaker 3 weeks ago. not sure weather it's chest pain or muscle. Seem to come an go. Mainly when I walk an feel a bit lightheaded thanks amy


Takes time

by Lavender - 2022-10-04 09:00:38

You're going to feel all kinds of sensations as you heal. Lightheadedness can possibly be helped by drinking more water. I was lightheaded twice after getting my device. I was told to stay cool and stay hydrated.  Heat affects me more now. I'm loving the cooler fall weather. 



by Good Dog - 2022-10-04 09:21:16

Yes, the aches and pains, pinching and tightness are all sensations that are very normal after your surgery. You just need to be patient, because it will take a few months to heal-up. It may take as long as a year before you begin to forget all about your PM. What happens is; it is pretty normal to become hypervigilant with all the different feelings you've never experienced before your PM. It is pretty normal to worry about those things since this was all quite a shock to you. Most of these things are usually very minor, but you are just not accustomed to them. They will subside over time and you will slowly begin to feel much, much better. If something is or becomes really, really bothersome or troubling, do not hesitate to contact your Doc. That is what he is there for! Just try not to worry too much. Get out there and find things to do to keep your mind off of all of this.



lightheaded while walking

by Tracey_E - 2022-10-04 11:51:24

Make a note of the time and ask them to check what the pacer was doing at that time. That could be a sign the settings need tweaked.

Odd aches and pains are pretty normal as things heal! 

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