Pacemaker change

Hi. Husband is due to have pacemaker changed in 2 weeks. He had preoperative tests yesterday,  was told while they change over, he would asked to cough or pant. Any ideas why. He is worried about the op.any help useful



Pacemaker change should be straightforward

by Gemita - 2022-10-01 08:23:17

Holly, A device change is straightforward apparently.  They open the existing pocket, disconnect the leads from the old device, attach the new device to the existing leads and then close the wound.  Patients usually come home the same day.  

A replacement procedure is certainly easier than having an implant for the first time where the leads have to be fed into veins and attached to the heart and where a pocket has to be created to accommodate the pacing device.  That is when potential complications and additional pain symptoms may occur.

I am surprised that your husband had “pre operative tests yesterday” for a replacement device alone, unless you mean he had a device check?   I had pre operative tests prior to my pacemaker implant but I don’t expect them prior to device replacement, unless the device needs to be moved or changed due to a complication?  Would you care to tell us more?  For example,

How long has your husband had a pacemaker?

Why does your husband have a pacemaker (what condition is the pacemaker treating)?


by Tracey_E - 2022-10-01 11:19:22

I've always slept through my changes! I'm on my 5th. Replacements are super easy. Restrictions after the first are from the new leads, so this time the only restrictions will be letting the incision heal. Most of the pain the first time was from making the pocket, this time it's all scar tissue. Super easy. 

Much Easier

by Grateful Heart - 2022-10-01 23:58:22

I have a CRT-D and my EP had to make the pocket larger with my replacement so the device would lay a little flatter and more comfortable.

I was awake for my replacement and it was much easier.

Nice to see you back Sparrow!

Grateful Heart

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