Normal to still have irregular heartbeat after you get pacemaker?


It can be, yes...

by crustyg - 2022-09-29 08:02:27

..but a lot depends on your underlying condition and a lot of other factors.

I get this from time to time.  Doesn't worry me as I (think) I understand the mechanism for me.

And Understanding aids Acceptance!

Best wishes.


by Lavender - 2022-09-29 08:54:20

I'm not sure what you mean by irregular, but my heart beat like it was someone else's heart. I was totally unfamiliar with the rhythm. It was faster than I expected and I have/had a lot of PVCs. I still get the PVCs but not as many in a day. I am aware of them but it's not alarming. 

When I get concerned about it, I check my wrist pulse. That steady reassurance that the pacemaker is doing its job relaxes me. 

You have been through so much in the past year! Your heart is bound to need time to recover and adjust. (((Hugs)))

irregular beats

by Tracey_E - 2022-09-29 09:04:50

When in doubt, ask your doctor. The pacer will add beats if you are too slow. If your heart beats irregularly on its own, the pacer cannot control that. It is a gas pedal, not a brake. 

What they said

by TLee - 2022-09-29 10:46:37

I had a-fib before pm, I had a-fib after pm. It took a beta blocker to address the a-fib. The pm keeps the beta blocker from going overboard & slowing things down too much. 

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