Blood rushing to my head when bending

Hi all

for a few years I have had this problem but like others, it's ignored. I have to sit on stairs to put on shoes etc as bending just makes my face and body so red. I have a PM (2010) but can't really recall when this problem began, certainly not before PM and meds. I suffer from AF also and heart failure which is worsening. Yesterday I was told after an echocardiogram that the right side of my heart is deflated and am awaiting a plan for treatment. Has anyone else had similar problems and would appreciate your advice, if possible. Thank you.

I had received excellent advice here before so that is my reason for posting today. Good bless you all.


Symptoms while bending

by Gemita - 2022-09-22 09:33:49

Coleen, you say for a few years you have had this problem and that you suffer from AF (atrial fibrillation) and right sided heart failure?  I see you are waiting for a treatment plan following your recent echocardiogram, so I am assuming your doctors have already thoroughly investigated your symptoms and are about to change your care plan which is reassuring.

I have experienced “head rush sensations” from migraine headaches in the past, particularly on bending.  Also, I too have AF and still occasionally experience both blood pressure and heart rate sudden surges/falls due to AF.  Some AF episodes seem to trigger symptoms of intense head rushes/flushing and pre-syncope and is usually an indication that my heart rate/blood pressure have become unstable due to AF.  I can recall first having these symptoms multiple times while travelling on the London Underground in 2016, before my pacemaker and before rate control medication and an anticoagulant were prescribed.  It felt like I was having mini strokes at the time and I lost consciousness albeit very briefly on each occasion.  My husband was with me and called an ambulance.  When I reached hospital I was stable but the diagnosis was AF.  AF can affect blood flow to the brain and other organs and make heart failure if present, worse, so it would not be too hard to see why symptoms are occurring.  

Your doctors should be able to check for a wide range of conditions leading to flushing, if that is what you are experiencing.  Mine checked for Carcinoid Syndrome and B12, B6 deficiencies at that time too.  They may also look for signs of dehydration, diabetes or a thyroid condition.  I would also want to know whether any of your current meds could be causing your symptoms, so a complete review of your medication will certainly help.

I would go back to your doctors for advice Coleen.  I hope any new treatment for ?both your AF and right sided heart failure? can be started quickly and that your symptoms will improve.  I presume you are on anticoagulants, if indicated, to protect from an AF related stroke since with AF we cannot be too careful.  

I wish you all the very best

Head rushes

by Mad Hatter - 2022-09-22 19:32:43

I'm only 5 weeks post op and haven't even had my follow up yet but this is the only side effect I've noticed from my pm. Head rush and momentary light headedness from bending over like to look in a bottom cabinet or something similar.  Supposedly my pm only keeps me above 50 bpm so the pm shouldn't be causing it but I didn't have it before.  Mentioned it to the pm tech who confirmed I don't have rate response modulation on but haven't had my follow up with the dr yet.  

Head rushes on bending

by Rch - 2022-09-23 23:56:33

It's not uncommon to have lightheadedness or vertiginous feeling on changing positions as one ages and they are usually caused by a myriad of conditions including atherosclerosis of small vessels, medications, autonomic dysfunctionetc etc etc to name a few. I get them all the time especially when I bend over or suddenly change my head position and I immediately move my head in exactly opposite direction and the symptoms abate immediately. In your case, when you feel the head rush upon bending, try to sit down and tilt your neck back to look up at the ceiling for a few seconds, and see if that helps. I doubt it's pacemaker related or due to right heart wall motion abnormality. Nonetheless please see your Provider or an ENT specialist for evaluation for positional vertigo or for a tilt table test and possible referral to a physical therapist.

have to sit on stairs to put on shoes etc

by Persephone - 2022-09-25 13:26:26

Hi Colleen - to me, sitting to put on shoes is good practice regardless of age or situation. I would expand that further to say get a sturdy bench of the right height where you can sit instead of going to the stairs. Some things we need to be seated for.

I have always turned red my entire life when I talk a lot and feel some anxiety about having enough time to get my message out. Breathing exercises help a bit. There are interesting theories available on the web that feelings of vertigo can be related to vision issues as well as inner ear issues.


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