Vital Beat backpack

Anyone used the Vital Beat  back pack custom shield with a heavy back pack (40-60 lbs)? Paceguard does not do well for this heavy of a pack. Any feed back would be appreciated.



by Tracey_E - 2022-09-20 12:41:08

I haven't used that but I would think any of those options are going to put pressure and rub somewhere. Are you near an REI? They have weights in the store so you can load up different packs and try them out to see what works best for you. Some end up with sling packs instead of the standard over the shoulder, but those probably don't come large enough for your needs. Good luck. 

Back packs

by Rocko - 2022-09-20 14:41:57

I personally like to hike and ruck or carry photography  gear in a traditional day/backpack.

I am 3 weeks post medtronic azure placement and when able, would like to hit the trail again.

I was looking at a UK sight /blog on pacemakers and those that hike with them.

Some respondents  were  mentioninging  AARN USA back packs that seem to be front loading and take weight off shoulders specifically clavivcle region. ( Mountain Magic pack)I have looked at Vital Beats also and emailed them for info on using their protector to wear a pack with.

Good luck  and if you find any other info please post..

Thank you



Vital Beat

by stevebne - 2022-09-20 22:14:22

Mine only arrived yesterday, so yet to try 'in the field' Hope to use this Sunday and will let you know.

However, a quick test run at home looks positive. 


Vital Beat

by ezrk - 2022-09-21 09:20:00

I got these for this express purpose immediately after my implant.  About 16 weeks after surgery I climbed/hiked up Mt Baker, Eldorado Peak, and Mt Whitney.  Baker and Eldorado involved about a 40# pack.  I believe it was helpful at that point.  However, I have subsequently stopped using it as over the course of a few months I found that the backpack straps just really didn't bother me.  I used pretty standard packs, they are padded but nothing unusual.  The straps tend to run to one side of the pacemake and not over top of it.

Vital Beat

by stevebne - 2022-09-24 22:44:45

I wore the vital beat today on a trail run with my running vest. All felt very comfortable and didn't even notice it was there. So a big plus there!

I suggest using silicon based lubricant or similar on the skin under the vital beat to prevent chaffing if your wear time is long / over many days. There are many options from endurance or surfing sport shops e.g. bodyglide, trislide, etc, Unlike other products, silicon is not apparently able to damage clothing or your skin.

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