Does anyone have same problem as me?  My pacemaker was fitted in 2020 and was catching on the bone every time I moved my left arm (left handed).  Had it moved during open heart surgery in 2021 but it has now migrated "north".  It catches on my collar bone and even stands on end from the bottom.  Can get my fingers on both sides of it.  My main concern is the leads.  Are they being pulled?  Can't get anyone to take me seriously.  Consultant suggests I use bio oil.  What he expects that to do is beyond me!



by AgentX86 - 2022-09-19 13:49:06

Movement of a pacemaker certainly isn't unheard of but it's normally in the opposite direction. Gravity and all that.

First.  Do not play with it. There is a thing called "fiddler's syndrome" that is exactly what it sounds like.  Flipping it can be serious and require surgery. Otherwise, the leads are very unlikely to be compromised. There is quite a bit of slack coiled up underneath the pacemaker to accomidate arm/shoulder movement.  Moving north should be no problem.  Flipping out is a problem, IMO.

Not being able to find anyone who gives you the time of day about it is another thing.  I have no idea how your medical system works or what escalation is possible.  I know what I'd do here but that wouldn't help your situation.


by Tracey_E - 2022-09-19 14:32:24

They usually stitch it in place so that doesn't happen. Sometimes they don't stitch it, sometimes the stitch doesn't hold. My current one does the same thing, shifts and pokes out every time I raise my arm and if I sleep on my left side I tuck it out of the way so the side doesn't poke my arm. It's annoying but harmless. My ep offered to fix it but I chose not to mess with it, he can fix it when I get my next one. There is plenty of slack in the leads, they should be fine. An xray can confirm how much slack you have. As agent said, try not to mess with it. 

If it flips over, it needs to be fixed. 

Pacemaker pads

by Rch - 2022-09-19 22:09:10

I was wondering if any one uses any pm shields or pads to contain the PM play or protect PM from accidental impact. I use a PM pad I bought on Amazon with my seat belts just in case of any fender bender or other impacts! 

Pulling Wires

by Stache - 2022-09-19 22:57:28

I am left handed as well, my pacemaker hung up on my collar bone for the first few months.  Since the pocket has formed and healed around the pacemaker it often feels it is pulling if I sleep on the left side it hurts.  My pacer was removed 30-days after it was installed and moved then re-anchored in place, bad infection.  I was told not to play with it (don’t touch it) and just let I heal.  The pacer does not move now but it still feels like it is pulling the wires under the bone at times.  I just live with it, my new normal.

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