Veins on Arm Are Shrinking...


I had my device changed about 3 months ago and this time it is placed under my pectoral muscle, left side.

About a month ago I noticed the veins on my left forearm and hand have shrunk. They are a bit smaller now when compared to my right forearm and hand. But, I have not noticed any swelling or pain on my left arm...

I'm thinking it could be that I have not been using my left arm nearly as much these past 3 months OR maybe there is a blockage of a vein somewhere??

Anyone have any ideas or have experienced something similar?



shrinking veins

by Julros - 2022-09-07 22:29:36

I think you not using the left side as much has made your veins less prominent. They are likely still the same size, just not needing to carry as much flow back to your heart. A vein blockage would make veins bigger and possibly result in swelling below the blockage, not smaller. Your veins all interconnect and blood will flow through the path of least reisistance. 

I had scarring in my subclavian vein around the wires, causing my arm to look darker and slightly swollen. The veins in my chest wall took on the job of returning blood to my heart, so they are more visible. 

swelling that made veins and bones/ ligaments disappear.

by lukerbee - 2022-09-07 23:52:22

my left arm, especially the wrist area swelled with fluid. It went back to normal in about 3 weeks, but there is still a golf ball swelling at my left elbow. The wasn't and isn't any pain or discomfort from the swelling. It looks awful. :(


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