i`ve had my last 2nd pacemaker Boston Scientific March 2018 thought it should last minimum 10 years but was told only 3 years left!!!! has technology improved much??? hoping the next one to be much smaller and last longer am I right by saying that??? i was diagnosed AV block and 2.1 second degree av block in 2007, ST Jude was my first pacemaker,

thanks in advance


George  (p.s. have dealt in the past with Electric Frank but learned he passed away a couple of years ago, a real champion of such a great  caring person)


Battery life

by Gemita - 2022-09-05 02:47:32

George, yes 7 years battery life for a 2018 pacemaker would not be so unusual.  My Medtronic dual chamber pacemaker implanted in 2018 has about the same number of years remaining as yours, although as we get nearer to end of battery life we should get a more accurate assessment.  My number of years battery life remaining keeps going up and down with each check, so your 3 years remaining may change.  My husband who also has a Medtronic pacemaker implanted same year as mine has double the years remaining but it is only a simple single lead pacemaker.

I believe battery life for some of us will depend too on lead function, pacemaker settings and on other factors including lifestyle and any changes in our heart condition which might require adjustments to our pacemaker settings resulting in an increase in battery use.  

Yes I am hopeful too my next device will last so much longer and that the device will be smaller to accommodate my two leads while having more in the way of functions to cope with my arrhythmias.  Certainly battery life and pacemaker programs should be much improved.  

I have seen Electric Frank's posts and like you, I miss seeing his reassuring words.  He enjoyed life to the full but always found time to help Club members

Battery life

by Old male - 2022-09-05 11:24:56

My ICD is BS Vigilant EL with the "EL" meaning extended longevity battery life.  Literature says up to 18 years.  We all know that varies based on several factors.  However, it is definitely larger than the one it replaced 18 months ago.  I assume maybe the battery might be larger and account for size difference.

battery life

by Tracey_E - 2022-09-06 11:47:38

I'm on my 5th. Sometimes they are a little bigger, sometimes a little smaller but overall about the same. Sometimes they tell me this one will last longer, but they have lasted on average 7 years each. I know some people get more than that, but for me that hasn't been the case. The biggest changes I've seen are mobile technology and improvements to rate response, not battery life and size. 

Battery Life

by Julros - 2022-09-06 18:53:12

My Boston Scientific CRT-P was just upgraded to a CRT-D and the model, Vigilant, is advertized as lasting up to 13 years. Of course, it all depends on settings and if there are any ICD firings. It is also supposed to be better at sensing heart failure onset. 

not horrible

by dwelch - 2022-09-06 23:58:54

seven years is not horrible.  if it says three years to go though, ignore it, in three years it will probably say two years to go.  Battery estimates from these devices is horrible.  Unless the units are weeks or months, then dont bother looking at the battery estimate.

I suspect that for av block and other heavy users they put a larger battery device in.  I have had many sizes, my first one from the 90s was huge compared to today and they kept getting smaller my last two lead was this super tiny thing that was supposed to go like 14 years, but we had to swap it for a biventrical so we cut that live short.

My average is not good, but not a worry to me 34 years or is it 35, not sure but on device number five, something like 7 years, 7 years, 10 years, 3.5 and the rest on the current one that I think I am only about half way through.   Number five the biventrical is much bigger than my last dual lead.   And that was expected at least by me, knowing it would need a larger batter to try for that 10 years plus or minus. 

Even if the doc/tech points it out, if the units are not months or weeks, ignore the battery estimate and move on.  Despite the problems with battery estimate for obvious (legal) reasons the doc can/will take you into the home stretch for the last year or years with increased device checks, in the old days taht was more of the phone checks, today the take home boxes may mitigate that but I still expec tthey will declare a higher frequency for the test day with the take home box, as the report shows you getting close.   This more frequent checks can go on for years.

Seems normal.

by PacedNRunning - 2022-09-07 06:19:59

I have the same Boston Scientific placed Aug 2018. I was told 7.5- 8 years at implant. My second year pacing went up significantly and lost a few years. The last 2 years it's depleted a normal rate but I have one year left. So maybe a total of 4.5 years for This one. Yours seems about average at 7 years. I was never told 10 years. 

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