I just got my PM 3 weeks ago and I went to a bar yesterday full of arcade machines. My PM felt like it was on fire and I had lots of palpitations. Does anyone know if those games cause EM interference? I couldn't find anything on the PM manufacturer guide. 

Thanks in advance :)


Arcade games

by toniorr11 - 2022-08-28 05:09:21

Funnily enough, I was reading the manual for my pacemaker last night (Boston Scientific Visionist x4) and it stated to be careful around slot machines which must be the same ( maybe a USA/UK terminology thing) and maintain a distance of at least 12inches away from your device. So they must have an EMF. But it said that if you step away it would correct itself but contact your doctor for advice.  

Hope this helps 

Not a problem

by AgentX86 - 2022-08-28 05:37:11

Palpitations aren't at all unusual in the early days. The heart gets really upset by the implant procedure. It can also take a little while for it to get used to being paced. It's all new territory for it, too.

Burning, itching, crawling, and other pain is likewise very common. It's entirely possible that you stretched some scar tissue. There is a lot going on in the first few weeks to months.

It is HIGHLY unlikely that EMI from the arcade games affected it. Modern pacemakers are pretty bulletproof (literally and figuratively). You should have gotten a DOs and DON'Ts list but really, very little that we're likely to come across is dangerous. Ask your doctor if he has any special instructions and just keep electronic stuff at a reasonable distance (i.e. don't sleep on your cell phone).

Arcade games

by Selwyn - 2022-08-28 07:00:22

Unless you are making love to the arcade game, the proximity should not be a problem. 

More likely, the adrenalin (ephedrine) released by the excitement is likely to produce a cardiac problem, and palpitations would be top of the list. Caffeine and alcohol, tiredness, are likely to worsen the problem. 

not a problem

by dwelch - 2022-09-03 22:23:30

they are not a problem.  the anxiety of the what if question in your mind...can cause your heart to race or do odd things.  But you would need to hug it and it would need to be a pretty old one and even then I cant see how it would affect the no worries....

arcade games

by skigrl3 - 2022-09-13 06:34:20

I would not be surprised, especially if a bit loud and over sensory environment. I have not been in an arcade to say, but I was at an extremely loud concert in the mosh pit this summer, it was not a good feeling and I felt like I was pacing to the music. It was a horrid nauseous feeling. Lesson learned and I have been to concerts since, no more mosh pit for me and I am enjoying the music, at a safe distance. Even Aerosmith!

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