Open MRI with Pacemaker

I am large and need an open MRI and have a MRI compatible RateDrop Pacer. I live in upstate NY and I have no place in all of New York or New England to do one with an open MRI and Pacemaker. I am willing to travel the country if I can find someplace that will do this. I am obese and round and short so I can't fit in any of the standard or extra large machines. 


Open MRI

by AgentX86 - 2022-08-19 16:50:31

A quick search shows many, many, open MRI clinics in New York (it's a big place with a lot of hospitals and imaging clinics. Whether or not they have the ability to do MRIs on pacemaker patients is another question. Though I can't imagine that a cities like NYC or Boston would have no facilities that could perform an MRI.

Weight limits

by Lavender - 2022-08-19 22:30:50

This place says it treats obese patients. You can copy and paste the link:

However, I would think that the doctor who ordered the MRI should give you a list of places who can accommodate you. You can't be the first person with this issue. 

Wide bore MRIs means that larger patients can be scanned. These imagers allow individuals who don't fit into a traditional bore to receive high quality images. Wide bore scanners can hold up to 550 pounds, which is also a greater weight limit than typical traditional scanners.

You could also call here and see if they do your weight limits, or perhaps they can refer you elsewhere:

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