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Good Morning Group, I'm now in my 15th day of recovery and I'm doing fine. Incision site is healing nicely and I'm just waiting for my 1 month follow up with the heart doc so I can get back to doing the things I do on the farm. 

This post however is slightly off the path and is about a friend of mine, he's 86, small frail body style, heavy smoker and has been self isolated since COVID hit. When I informed him of my new PM he told me his doc has informed him that he also has a problem with a very low heart rate. He was presented with some options of a PM or meds as a course of action.

Because of the obvious health issues due to age, body type and smoking I'm not confident that he would have similar results with a new PM. So im looking for any thoughts you'd have to pass onto my friend.

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Your friend

by Gemita - 2022-08-11 09:49:29

Chopper I would encourage your friend to try to slowly reduce his daily cigarette intake if at all possible so that he will have a chance of a better quality of life and a more successful pacemaker outcome. Any procedure with a health condition can be a risk factor for complications so lifestyle improvements will help keep him safe.  

Personally I feel the pacemaker will help him providing he is fit enough for surgery.  My 84 year old husband has a pacemaker, has multiple health conditions but is pleased with the result.  A low heart rate can be dangerous and a pacemaker would in my opinion be more helpful and more reliable than medication alone to keep his heart rate steady but please be guided by his cardiologist.

I am glad you are making good progress 

Your friend

by Rch - 2022-08-13 15:37:38

I'm not sure how much work up your friend has had or what his symptoms are, but if his slow HR is treatable short of a pacemaker, I would try that first! Just my opinion! 

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