Anyone else???

Okay so something is freaking wrong... Do they listen of course not!!! Same crap before I got pacemaker I said hey my heart is stopping...she says oh I'm sure it's not stopping... I said yes it is... anyway round and round we go finally they put in that recorder ya know the one they implant.... ohhhhh wouldnt ya know they call me freaking out you need to come in tomorrow we have to get you set up for pacemaker! She goes on to tell me I have a 3rd degree heart black I'm like ok so now what all calm like.... (because I already knew my damn Heart was stopping!) She is like I don't think you understand we are worried about brain damage it is stopping using all these hand jesters... I said I told you months ago it's only news to you because now you got it on paper lady!! She shut right up.....anyway soooooo on to the now that was all back in 2017 so here we are today when I go in they tell me my pacemaker reading don't show anything other than my usual stuff I say okay but I'm telling you something is very wrong!! So here is my problem I get this funny feeling in chest this is not my usual arrhythmias ok it's different it's a strange feeling heart beat feels funny and I can't get any air at all.... cant talk like someone just punched me in chest and bye bye air! Soooo the only thing I can think of is maybe some regurgitation with valve somewhere and  blood is back flowing....I don't care what they say something is freaking wrong!!!! been happening about a year and getting worse (more often or longer when it does happen) but here's my thing wouldn't I have to be feeling it for that to show on ultra sound because it's not all the time but I'm gonna tell you what I feel huge change in my body this year I just feel weak... Any one have anything like this I would love to hear!! Or any input at all on what it might be what test to get done because these people like last time don't believe anything until they find I need to help them find it once again!!!!



by PacedNRunning - 2022-08-11 04:31:19

Have you had a recent echocardiogram? That needs to be done if not. Can explain your symptoms. 

Strange feeling in the heart

by Rch - 2022-08-11 21:42:02

Hi, it's not clear to me whether you already had the ultra sound ( cardiac echo) or not. I would suggest you see your PCP with your complaints and get some basic work up done, including a chest X ray, electrolytes and thyroid etc! PCPs can also order an event monitor or a 14 day Zio patch to check for arrhythmias. Try to bring on your symptoms while on the monitor and record your symptoms. The Pacemaker transmitter only records events what it's programmed for! It doesn't record your rhythm 24/7.

Hope you will get some answers soon!!




Thank you guys

by 84star - 2022-08-22 21:32:46

I did not have echo yet because I don't know if it will show anything if I am not feeling it at the time... I feel like it's not all the time but when it does act up like the heart is still pumping right but nothing is moving right... Best I can explain it I get all light headed and fuzzy feeling but yes I will tell them do one anyway and I have a thyroid problem so I get blood work done pretty regular all that is fine.  

Another opinion

by Woodworker1 - 2022-08-24 13:32:02

Sounds to me like you need to get another opinion. I know its hard to go somewhere else when you have been with the same doctor but it sounds like they have been dropping the ball more than once..

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