Carvedilol (Coreg) and exercise

I (69 yo male) have a BS accolade single lead PM since Dec. 2019.  Recent PM checks show the PM is fine, I'm 100% paced and MV function all the time.  Over the past 6-8 months I have become fatigued and even very short of breath during exercise, to the extent that 1 mile is an effort and going up the long steep hill to my house without stopping is impossible.  To rule out a blockage my cardiologist ordered a cath study; it showed no blockages have appeared or worsen LCA is 40% blocked)since my last cath 4 years ago.

My PCP wants me to go on Coreg/carvedilol to increase output.  In the spring an echo showed I have >50% ejection fraction, and 2 years ago it was 65%.  If I went on Coreg I would have to drop some other BP medication to avoid hypotension in the afternoon evening.

The scientific literature indicates that Coreg, unlike some other beta blockers, does not adversly affect exercise, and may impove it.

Can anyone on Coreg tell me how it has affected their exercise tolerance? Does it make it better or worse?





by Old male - 2022-08-03 16:46:59

I'm a few years older and have much lower EF.  Have taken 12.5 MG Coreg twice daily for about 9 years. Can't remember any noticeable change in energy level exercising.  When I developed Afib that's a different story.

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