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Afternoon Guys

hope this message finds you all well. 

I got a call yesterday out the blue from the hospital to say my overnight report was abnormal and was showing noise on the ecg, I had to leave work and send them another ICD rating from my home device (I live a and work in different towns) on the drive home I was getting worried. 

anyway I arrived home and tried to send them a manual reading. This failed as I did not have the correct access so had to call Boston Sciantific who were great! They got me sorted and got the reading sent to the hospital over 1 hours drive away

i got a call back and said it was still not right and they think that one of the wires in the top chamber are eroding. 

has anyone else has any similar issues or advice. I feel that process hurts more than a ICD replacement 







by Tracey_E - 2022-07-23 11:37:58

Leads don't last forever, average life is 15 years. Every situation is different but in my experience, erosion is something to keep an eye on but not to worry about. When one of mine started to erode, they programmed around it. I had it replaced when I got my next new battery, about 5 years later. 

Batteries and leads

by Aberdeen - 2022-07-23 14:12:20

I had a CRT pacemaker implanted in May 2020. In April this year I received a phone call from the pacemaker clinic to come in asap for an appointment due to abnormal readings on my home monitor.I was told that  my ra  and rv leads were failing and draining my battery! 
The following week I was in surgery having them replaced. I had been having spells of feeling generally unwell and breathless for a few months so they had been failing for a while. Since then I have been feeling very well.Fingers crossed 🤞!!!! 
How have you been feeling? If there is erosion and you feel well perhaps your leads could last for some time yet. I definitely notice the difference in how I felt before the lead replacement and now.

I told my doctor how I was feeling and I had an ECG. The pacemaker clinic said if I felt unwell again to go to them first because although I have a bedside monitor it's only checked every few months.

Good luck! 

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