Hi I've been having syncope and dizzy spells for 6 years. Had lots of neurological and cardiac tests. I had a left bundle branch block but cardiology said it wouldn't cause my blackouts. May this year I had an Medtronic implantable loop recorder fitted. Friday 1July I had another blackout. I contacted 111 who said the hospital should pick it up and as I wasn't injured didn't need to attend hospital. I contacted the hospital on the Monday to tell them what had happened and could they check the data. The following morning I was called into hospital to have heart monitoring and for a pacemaker. My heart had paused for 23 seconds. I was very shocked as I'd had several significant blackouts resulting in hospital admissions. Thank God my heart had started again! I had my dual pacemaker on 6 July. I am still recovering and in shock really. My husband has been away since the morning of 1 July and returns on 29th. My daughter and friends have been looking out for me. I am 63. I have two daughters with disabilities and my mother has Alzheimer's. I have had years of stress and responsibilities and my driving licence was revoked due to my condition. I'm hoping I can apply to get my license back after my 6 week check-up on 19 August. I live in the southeast of England near Brighton and Eastbourne. My wounds is healing well. Still got dried blood and steristrips on but bruising and swelling is receding.  I had my ILR out as well. 



by Lavender - 2022-07-21 19:02:34

We must be twins separated at birth, and by a few years-I'm older. You can look back at my posts. Like you, I had a lifetime of stress and responsibilities from an early age. Lots of unhappy surprises along the way. I was diagnosed w LBBB in 2010 and told "no worries" too. 

I still think my life stress and disasters caused things to age my heart prematurely. 

It is so true that we have to be persistent in getting care these days. 

I kept asking about my heart. I had a complete heart block in 2019 and nearly died from anesthesia given to remove my gallbladder.  You woulda thought they should’ve started a monitor then or slapped in a pacemaker-But no. 

Nine months later, in 2021, I fainted in my own livingroom. It was brief but I called the emergency number and was told to stay home and it was ok. For six months,  I documented every fainting episode I had with date, time, symptoms, blood pressure and pulse etc etc and kept a running typed sheet that I printed and took to each specialist. I was told it was various things: anxiety, vertigo, vasovagal syncope, etc. I kept calling and complaining with each event of fainting or dizziness.  For six months, I was sent for brain tests, muscle and nerve tests, cat scan, xrays, physical therapy and vertigo (vestibular) therapy as well as thru endocrinologist tests which included two weeks of finger pricks after meals to check for diabetes, I underwent GI tests. Six specialists. 

Ah I can’t go back and am glad they finally figured out nothing else is wrong. I even wore a shorter term heart monitor.  Nothing showed up. I finally called cardio and asked for a longer monitor but was told it’s very hard to catch an arrhythmia. I had and passed numerous ekgs, a stress test and echocardiogram.  They have tried with monitors on some people for years before catching it. Insurance will not pay for a pacemaker unless they have proof. So it was trying to find a needle in the haystack. 

Feb 3, 2021, finally my pcp ordered the 30 day monitor at the insistence of my neurologist and myself. I had a drop attack in a store. My first near death experience. I had a telemed visit w my dr and told him that I will not be intimidated (by his partner who said I was just anxious) and I want this solved. Ten days later, while wearing the 30 day monitor, the event happened that got my pacemaker (CRT-P).

I had a 33 second ventricular standstill that nearly took my life. My guy was here when I dropped. He thought I had choked and passed out, and pounded on me -which rebooted my heart. He doesn't know CPR. The doctor said he had inadvertently done a pre cordial thump on me. I had a near death experience-my second.

So, God didn’t let it slip through the cracks. 
For that I’m grateful. 

For what it’s worth, the doc said I was right all along and was telling them, but it was the elusive butterfly. 

I've had my CRT-P since Feb 2021. I'm ok now but felt anxious for a bit. I did stop driving voluntarily while I was fainting but started up a week after the pacemaker insertion. It took time to heal mentally and physically but life is good. 

You will be ok. My mom has dementia and while I did keep her a while, it's too much. She's 96 and in a safe clean facility now. I cannot save the world if I don't put on my own oxygen mask first. I don't know how you saved your sanity fainting like that for six years! 
Take care of you!! Hugs and welcome!


by AgentX86 - 2022-07-21 21:57:00

Even with repeated syncope your doctors refused to do anything?  Amazing.  Even when AF was my only known electrical problem, my cardiologist had me wear holter monitors countless times, for anywhere between 24 hours and a week.  After I had a near-syncope even I was hospitalized for three days. They couldn't find anything (the CICU nurses missed a 5-second asystole). They then sent me home with a 30-day event monitor. Four days later I had the 8-second asystole and three days after that, my AV ablation and CRT-P. 

Twenty+ seconds.  Amazing indeed.

"We must be twins separated at birth, and by a few years-I'm older." Funny but off-topic story.  A friend had a twins and was out walking them in their stroller.  A woman came up to him and said "They're so cute! Are they twins?"  The responded, "No, he's (pointing at one) three months older". She stopped in her tracks. She then thought about it for a few seconds before getting PO'd and stalked off.


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