First Medtronics check up

I had my first appointment with Medtronics this morning. I am 3.5 weeks post pacemaker implant surgery. He estimates 14 years on the battery and everything looked good. I asked if it had actually kicked in. He looked and said I was thinking pacing at 30% which was relatively low. My view is it's high enough that getting the pacemaker was my only decision but low enough that it's not the only think keepine me upright. 

Any thoughts from those who have been in the club longer?



A big 👍🏼

by Lavender - 2022-07-20 18:07:28

Well, you've already had a sudden cardiac arrest. Now you have a backup plan. That should give your wife some peace of mind! It's not like you're not using the pacemaker at all!

 I'm 100% paced. It's not my backup-it IS the plan. 

Your report sounds good. Now you can get into a routine and as you heal, not think of this issue. The pacemaker is on guard duty!

Pacing percentage

by AgentX86 - 2022-07-20 21:46:08

This 30% number means only a little more than nothing. If they turned down the pacemaker minimum, your pacing percentage would almost surely decrease.  Likewise, if it's set faster you pacing percentage is almost guaranteed to go down.

Pacemakers work by measuring a normal muscle contraction, waiting some period of time to see if there is another contraction.  If there is one, it just resets its timer.  If there is none, it generates the signal that causes the contraction, then starts the timer looking for another contraction. 


by Tracey_E - 2022-07-21 09:31:18

There is no good or bad number, if we feel good we are pacing the right amount. Many of us pace every beat, some pace only a few beats here and there, most fall somewhere in between. If you feel good, don't worry about what the number is. 

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