Taking my own dosage to test metropolol

Since I posted here before I use to take 25 MG metropolol 2 times per day but it was to much for me dr put me on 12.5 twice.. it's half a tablet ..I was wonder will it affect me if i take half but get another extra tiny piece to try to find if I get side effects..what am asking  why is it 12 5 and not like 18.0 ..to try to find my right dosage 


Not recommended

by Gemita - 2022-07-20 06:14:03

Please try not to experiment with your medication without consulting your doctor or a pharmacist first.  Metoprolol has been extensively tested for use at the dosages provided.  I doubt it has been tested for dividing up into random bits and pieces to be taken as a “little rescue piece/pill in the pocket” whenever you feel like it.

According to my pharmacist, if we try to divide tablets up that should not be divided (other than where there is a clear dividing line), we may end up getting more or too little of the med in random pieces and this could have a serious affect on your health, so please don’t go there.  

You can find the right dosage of a beta blocker by trying a different beta blocker to see if it suits better.  As I and others have said many times, it will be trial and error with our meds before we find something that suits us but we need to work with our doctors to achieve this.  If you have no confidence in your doctor, then I would respectfully suggest you find a new one.

Helpful link on pill splitting:


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