Need New Pacemaker Location

My first posting on this site. I was happy to learn that this club is in existence and I was hoping to get some advice.

So I've had a pacemaker for complete heart block for about 15 years and I'm on my second battery.  After the second battery was put in and the area healed, there was a lot of pinching, pulling, tugging, yanking sensations when I exercise and stretch. There's still is 7 years later. I usually try to Ignore it and do regular stretching. I'm told those sensations are due to scar tissue. In the last couple of years, some of the veins in my neck began widening like at least twice normal in some areas. It's not too noticeable unless I'm working out.  Initially this concerned me, so I went to my cardiologist and I guess the placement of the Pacemaker on the left side of my chest interferes with the blood flow in some areas.  The widening of veins is not a concern, my veins are ensuring areas of my body get the blood flow needed.

The discussion has turned to my next battery/pacemaker.  The current Pacemaker sits on top of my pectoral muscle and gets a little bit close to the collarbone, you can see the full outline of the Pacemaker and the wires just below my skin.  So my cardiologist mentioned possibly a sub pectoral Pacemaker next year when I need my battery replaced.  Has anyone had a sub pectoral pacemaker inserted? would they know the pros and cons of this procedure and what experiences they had after it was put in?




new placement

by Tracey_E - 2022-07-18 13:56:54

I'm on my 5th and have had 4 submammary and 1 subpectoral. The biggest pro is it's a lot less obtrusive- you can't see it as easly, it's more comfortable, less likely to get in the way when we are active. The biggest con is healing is longer than a more shallow placement and replacements . I found it well worth the trade off. 

Depending on your build, they may be able to go lower and deeper without actually putting it between the pectorals. This would be less invasive.

My ep had a plastic surgeon assist. The ep could concentrate on what he does best, and it was the easiest job of the day for the plastic surgeon. Making things look and feel good is what they do. I also had a plastic surgeon when I got my third clean up the pocket and remove scar tissue that was starting to get painful. 

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