I have been seeing a chiropractor for a month.  She uses an adjustable table.  My latest pacemaker report indicates I went from 1% Afib to 60%.  Is there a connection?  Just wondering.


AF (atrial fibrillation) is so unpredictable

by Gemita - 2022-07-17 12:30:35

Gardner, what period does the latest pacemaker report cover?  If it only covers the last month during chiropractor therapy and your AF has shot up from 1%-60% then perhaps you have your answer?

Generally, I am assuming your chiropractor knows about your pacemaker and is not using any therapies that could potentially interfere with your pacemaker and affect your pacing?  This would be my main concern.  Hopefully you have discussed with your doctors the therapy being used and the safety of such therapy.

AF (atrial fibrillation) is such an unpredictable arrhythmia.  Sometimes there will be a clear link found with a current health condition or trigger, but often there will be none.  I am assuming you consulted the chiropractor either for acute or chronic pain.  With a trauma/health condition causing pain, it is possible that AF could have been triggered. I have experienced worsening AF with neck and back pain.  It is also possible that any additional pain meds that you may have had to take have somehow interacted adversely with some of your regular meds.

Can I ask whether you are benefitting from your chiropractor treatment, whether your discomfort has eased?  If so, this would be a good sign that treatment is working well for you and you may find your AF will slowly ease.  

On the matter of your AF, I think it is important that you speak to your doctors about this sudden increase in your AF burden.  They may recommend a change in your treatment, or a review of your medication.  Do you have any symptoms from your AF?  They usually intervene if we have troublesome symptoms, like breathlessness or symptomatic palpitations, otherwise they may just leave well alone, providing your heart rate is well controlled and you are protected and on anticoagulation if you have clear AF stroke risks 

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