Metropolol tartrate

I use to take cartia xt 120 MG once a day .  But I wasn't feeling good so Dr change Me to metropolol 12.5 MG twice a day according to him is a small doze . Cause I'm to sensative to side effects.  After weeks of taking it I mention to him last week that my blood pressure n pulse are always high he advised me to start taking 25mg 2 timed per day total 50mg ..I noticed it slowed down my pulse always under 80bpm and blood pressure around 110 over 80 but most of day 130 over 80 ..but for some reason I felt like a new person..tired exhausted feeling ill like a rush of blood to my head feeling very bad when driving overwhelmed felt bad cabt explained.. I try for 3 days and felt awful..I went back to old dosage now im.bavk to my old self Why ?? I feel this dr don't care cause he just advised me to go back drinking other dosage..can ge give me something else?? On long run can my heart get more damage for hig blood pressure?


High blood pressure is without doubt a silent killer

by Gemita - 2022-07-13 06:45:09

Cadaverock, yes I am afraid high blood pressure is so very dangerous, but I fully understand your difficulties trying to find a suitable medication to get it under control.  I have the same problem with my husband’s blood pressure which has been running worryingly high again, despite a high dose beta blocker.  He is on Bisoprolol. He has failed so many other treatments (from Ace Inhibitors, ARBs, Alpha Blockers, Calcium Channel Blockers), but they are going to trial another Calcium Channel Blocker, together with his Bisoprolol.  I note you are on a different beta blocker, Metoprolol.  

Just had a word with our hypertension pharmacist at our GP surgery who explained that it is usually a combination of meds that work best on high blood pressure.  So yes there are many meds, or combination of meds that you could try, so please ask your doctor for an alternative which might suit you better.  As we always say here, it is trial and error until we find the right med for us.

Beta blockers can really slow many of us down, causing fatigue and brain fog as well as disturbing sleep and making it difficult to exert ourselves.  Some patients cannot tolerate beta blockers at all, even at low doses.  

I am sure your doctor cares Cadaverock, in that he understands just how dangerous high blood pressure is.  High blood pressure, as we all know, can lead to strokes and vascular dementia, heart attacks, coronary artery disease and heart failure, kidney disease and many other conditions.  It can cause extensive damage to your arteries, decreasing flow of blood and oxygen to all your main organs.   Decreased blood flow to the heart for example can also cause chest pain (angina), so control of blood pressure is so important to prevent life threatening conditions which will adversely affect quality of life.  Finding the right blood pressure medication is therefore so important.  Please let us know how you progress and I wish you well


by TLee - 2022-07-17 14:12:17

I have been dealing with fatigue that I thought I had definitely linked to metoprolol. I made my doctors aware that I was not thrilled with the way I was feeling (both primary care & cardiologist, and they do communicate). I was determined to talk them into changing medication or dosage right away, but they convinced me that, 1- If I go back to poorly controlled a-fib, I may feel worse & have more serious health risks, and 2- I have other conditions that could be the cause of the symptoms, so best to rule out those before blaming the medication. I intend to address my sleep apnea at my next pulmonolgist appointment, and I am currently using physical therapy to possibly help arthritis pain that may also affect my sleep. This is just to point out that other factors can play a role in how we feel, so don't be too quick to get mad at your doctor. I suppose the fact that you noticed improvement when you reduced the dosage is a sign that it may be to blame, however if you were experiencing anxiety over the higher dose, that could have affected how you felt physically while taking it. It's a much more complex issue than it may seem, that is for sure!

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