I have a question for those who have pacemakers, mine was put in April 7th 2022 and my chest has been hurting every since. Doctor said it can't be the pacemaker or leads. Although they haven't done any x-rays or any other tests to check the leads. But, it wasn't like this before and sometimes the pain seems to be getting worse. Anybody else have a similar experience ? (12 hours ago) The pain is in the middle of my chest and gets pretty bad. I'm use to pain but not like this. I'm retired LEO / SWAT and also serve as CTU, 22 injuries and wounds had to be surgically repaired. But, this chest pain is pushing the limits. I can't believe a pacemaker will put me down, so nobody else has had this type of problem  ?

Doctor decided to put me on a 14 day monitor. Not sure if it's going to matter now. I have Covid again this will be the 3rd time that I have had it. 2020, 2021, and now 2022 



by Lavender - 2022-07-11 14:06:56

If your pacemaker and leads are good to go, I am thinking of muscle pain. I'm a firm believer in therapeutic massage by a licensed person. I went there six weeks after the pacemaker insertion. I was anxious about lying on my stomach but the therapist was familiar with pacemaker issues and had me tuck rolled up towels under each armpit. That held me up off the table a bit. She worked on me, both front and back, and was very careful to avoid the pacemaker area. 

I still see her after 17 months. Every two weeks. She loosens everything up. 

What area of your chest hurts?

I see your added info

by Lavender - 2022-07-11 21:38:38

You edited to add to your original post:

"The pain is in the middle of my chest and gets pretty bad. I'm use to pain but not like this. I'm retired LEO / SWAT and also serve as CTU, 22 injuries and wounds had to be surgically repaired. But, this chest pain is pushing the limits. I can't believe a pacemaker will put me down, so nobody else has had this type of problem  ?"

Sounds like you know pain. Does ice help it or heat? Is it the sternum area? I'm wondering about costochondritis. Could rib cartilage have been pulled during surgery then became inflamed ? If so that's not something confirmed with xrays. I've had that three times. Heat helps. It would hurt if you press on the sternum while walking the fingers down the bones where the ribs attach. Treatment is NSAIDs but I take 650 mg Tylenol because I can't do ibuprofen stuff. It generally heals up in two months but it can linger. I found the pain to be excruciating the first time I had it. Breathtaking. 

I'm hoping others post their ideas too. My son is in law enforcement as well! I'm sure it took a lot for a guy like you to be affected by pain, so it's got to be bad! Hope someone gets a handle on it! Sorry to hear this, sir!

Copy and paste Mayo Clinic link look and see if it sounds familiar. At bottom of first page is link to diagnosis of this:

You also should be adamant about seeing your pcp for further diagnosis of this pain. You should not suffer in silence. 

Please seek professional help

by Gemita - 2022-07-12 04:39:05

Highway, have you actually been seen/examined by your pacemaker team to try to establish the cause for your chest pain?  Worsening chest pain should never be ignored.  In view of your medical history (heart attack during a hospitalised Covid attack) I suggest you return to your team for further checks, or to attend ER.  Most hospitals have a rapid access chest pain clinic and should be able to give a diagnosis or to rule out a serious condition and give reassurance and treatment to control the pain.

Many members experience some post implant pain initially.  It is extremely common to feel all manner of pain symptoms afterwards.  And pain following implant may be longer lasting than what we are initially told to expect (see Pacemaker Club Pain survey link below - link should be copied and pasted into your general browser to open it). 

I had sudden sharp nerve like electric shock sensations in the chest/upper back for months following pacemaker implant which was treated with neuropathic pain medication (Pregabalin).  I also experienced intermittent pressure type discomfort going across my upper chest (Clavicle) area.  Turned out to be due to trauma/partial obstruction of my subclavian vein during lead placement. This settled as I gradually developed collateral veins (extra veins) to by pass the partially obstructed area.  My device is now surrounded by noticeable, large blue veins, but at least the pain across the clavicle has gone and my blood is circulating adequately again.

No procedure is without risk for complications and although I was told a pacemaker implant carried a low risk, a small risk nonetheless still exists.  However I can also experience mid central chest discomfort during an arrhythmia like AF since AF or another arrhythmia can prevent the heart from pushing out blood as well as it should,  But you need answers quickly, so please seek professional help for your chest pain and stay safe


Pain from pacemaker is rare--but it does happen

by Gotrhythm - 2022-07-12 12:42:41

At the risk of belaboring the obvious, if you're having chest pain, something is wrong. It needs to be looked into.

Having pain from a pacemaker is very unusual, and since there are many more common causes for chest pain, it's reasonable for doctors to look for other causes first.

However, I'm living proof that sometimes, when the pacemaker is working against some odd little rhythm your heart is producing, it can cause severe chest pain. It happened to me.

It doesn't happen because something is wrong with your pacemaker or wrong with your heart. The pacemaker is working fine, but the pacemaker settings are wrong for you.

For starters, you need to ask for a Holter monitor test, if you haven't already had one. It's the only way to see what your heart is doing and what the pacemaker is doing when you feel the pain. 

If you're unlucky enough to have a rare response to a pacemaker, you need to go somewhere that they see  rare conditions much more frequently than the average doctor, even a specialist.

You need to be seen at a major medical center or teaching hospital where there are specialists in heart rhythm issues. Travel if you have to. Going to Duke where PVC induced Pacemaker Mediated Tachycardia was diagnosed is the smartest thing I ever did.


Mine was related to the stomach

by Lily - 2022-07-12 13:58:59

I had a similar experience back in January when I had my PM implanted. I had a very bad pain in my chest, which was sometimes getting worse, but doctors didn't know what was causing it. I found out later that it was related to my stomach and it was getting worse when I was getting more emotional because of all the stress that I was going through. I was then prescribed stomach medication and recovered mentally and physically after about 3-4 months.

I wish you all the best and sending you good vibes!

Chest Pain & GORD (Gastro Osophogas Reflux) with Tacky-cardia

by Veritas - 2022-07-20 21:54:10

(3) months after implant I gradually felt unwell, lack of apetite coupled with weight loss,  Shortly after at 3am I experienced extremely severe chest pain (GORD symptoms) with tacky-cardia. The para-medic ruled out heart problems but was confused. A stay at the hospital resulted likewise.

This happened again with a trip to a private heart hospital, they also were confused. Over time I learned to control the chest pain/tacky cardia by "diagpram deep breating - slowly release techique"

Finally a visit to the cardio specialist. He and the Tech guy re-calibrated my PM & said "you can now eat whatever you like" ... saying the problem was not caused by the PM?

I can now eat normal meals once more, minor pain still exists. t seems standard settings can sometimes need fixing, and the promise of better quality of life has yet to happen.







by Highway55 - 2022-07-26 23:59:55

Since my last post was deleted figured I would try again. I found out that the PM2272 is being checked out for being defective, not like the recall on the last model but this time for rapid and erratic changes in heart rate and chest pains. My doctor canceled doing another 14 day heart monitor. Supposedly a personal friend who is a rep for pm said that they won't do a recall until there are a certain number of deaths and doctors that blame the pm. 

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