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I've used a Polar T31  chest transmitter strap for years to monitor my heart-rate, both outside and also on my exercise bike with the monitor 'watch' screen fastened on the handlebars (the built-in system on the bike is unreliable).  I've recently had a pacemaker fitted, but haven't so far risked using the chest transmitter, because its left-hand sensor would be almost exactly over the PM.    Polar says there SHOULDN'T be any interference, but phrase it in a way which is cautiously non-committal (I suppose they're covering themselves legally!)

Any comments/experience/advice/suggestions would be welcome.


Polar strap

by Skeet - 2022-07-06 12:24:44

Your pacemaker must be inserted very low. My PM is located higher on my shoulder and is at least 6 inches from strap. I have had a pacemaker for over 14 years, an have used a polar chest strap all that time and sill using it on my stationary bike. I thought at first when I got my current pacemaker, 2017, that it interfeared, but I changed on the road to Garmin and a Scosche rythem arm band. That did not change anything. Good luck riding.


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