Best adjusting of my pacemaker

Hi, is there somebody who know the best adjusting of my Pacemaker for Running, Biking, skiing,Fitness., gym..

I'm now 6 weeks  after Implantation of an Boston scientific Proponent DDDR with dual sensor.

My First run with only the Minute Ventilation sensor led to a Heart rate of 80 in the mid Range for the First 15 Minutes, than the Heart rate increase up to 158-162/min for the secound 15 Min - section.

I think a combination of both sensor is necessary, but how is the best way?

Best regards and ever the Right Pace 



by MimiPacer - 2022-07-04 04:08:35

Pacemaker implanted under my pectoral muscle on June 28. How soon should I consider running? Was training for a race in early September and still want to do. 

Thank you for the help -- all so new to me😊


by PacedNRunning - 2022-07-04 04:33:04

Yea the combo of accelerometer and MV sounds the best for you. The XL will work first then the MV will blend at a certain point.  After a certain point it's  MV only. 


by The Right Pace Make Peace - 2022-07-12 19:49:21

Thank you for your answer! 
yes, you be rigth.

But what is the special adjusting for the Dual Sensors?

The MV is on level 9 and the XL on 10 (with a reactiontime  of 10sec), but the heartrate increase late: with a First step to ~100/min, than with distance of ~ 10 min to 155/ min.

For Running a hill first 100/min is not enough, for Running at ground Level 155/min is to high (Pace 6,5-7)

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