I just got an ICD on 5/4/22.  I went into cardiac arrest after an easy one mile track warm up.  Prior to that, I was getting lightheaded on my regular runs after mile 1 or 2 into my run.  Now that I have the implant, I would like to resume running again, but my heart rate gets very high very quickly.  I am using a 25 mg. Metoprolol pill twice daily.  Any one on here who has VT, has an ICD, was a runner before implant and has been able to resume running after?  I tried but was only able to go a very short distance and was shocked by the ICD when I stopped. Getting shocked is awful.  My VT is the result of a congenital defect.  I am 64 years young.

Thanks in advance for all responses.



by islandgirl - 2022-07-03 19:37:54

Ask your EP to work with you along with the device tech or device manufacturer's rep at an appt to try and adjust your ICD?  Would they be willing to put you on a treadmill for fine tuning?   I have found the device tech is not a big help for much more than interrogating my device.  

I got a new device recently due to battery depletion and switched EPs right after the implant, so I was having trouble with settings and finally the device manufacturer rep came in to do some fine tuning.  I also had a SCA and received an ICD.  No, shocks aren't fun!  My electrical problems are unknown, possibly genetic, 

Good luck!

Running w/ ICD

by JayKay - 2022-07-04 00:14:00

So sorry to hear your first experience back resulted in a shock. It is awful.  
To answer your questions, I do have an ICD and run 2.5-3 miles semi regularly without issue. With that said, my ventricular arrhythmia is not exacerbated by activity. It sounds like yours might be? 
Different people will have different restrictions (or no restrictions at all) so telling your EP your goals and asking for a treatment plan that can help you get closer to those goals is a good place to start. 
For me, there has been a lot of trial and error with different drug combinations, overdrive pacing, and ICD setting changes. Some of those changes made things worse, other changes made things MUCH better. Keep your EP engaged, stay strong, and do your best to maintain a positive outlook. 



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