Cero info online about bodybuilding

Hey guys! im an 18 year old bodybuilder and i have a complete congenital block and recently became a pacemaker user. I cant find anything regarding the excercises i can and cant do with my pm and i have a lot of doubts. a lot of people say no shoulder pressing at all others say go as if you didnt have a pm and others to go with higher reps and lower weight. also some people straight up say no chest training at all while others brag about having a pm and benching really good numbers. i also have a lot of doubts about pull ups because people's opinions are all over the place. my doctor is quite conservative and cant seem to understand that bodybuilding is a big part of my life since i want to do that for a living. Im confused and frustrated because i see so many people using pacemakers as an excuse to not do excercise at all and this people spread info that just confuses me more and scares me to even lift. Please someone who has a pm and lifts tell me the restrictions they have based on personal experience and not based on some random persons opinion who doesn't even lift


Weight training

by AgentX86 - 2022-07-02 19:45:43

Asked and answered.  If you don't like the answers, ask your doctor.  If you don't like his answer, doctor shoping isn't really a good idea here.

More info

by Lavender - 2022-07-02 19:46:01

Here's a link to a past discussion about this here on this forum:


You have to copy and paste the link.

Your heart is a priority so its best interest comes first.  Also, lots of people with pacemakers DO exercise and are very active, but there are reasons for being cautious. 

Use the search feature on this site for a lot more weightlifting discussion such as these:


Cero (zero) info online about body building - simply not true

by Gemita - 2022-07-03 03:32:06

Fitutin, if you type into your main general browser Pacemaker Club Weight lifting or Pacemaker Club body building you will get more hits.  Lots and lots of information out there if you are really interested in finding it?   I attach one such link which you need to copy and paste into your main browser to open:


I would ask your doctor whether he could refer you to a physiotherapist with a specialist knowledge in working with pacemaker patients who wish to continue body building training.  They could go through your personal exercises with you to see what can safely be done.  If you are as fit as you appear to be and your device is suitably placed and secure, then working slowly, safely towards your goals should be possible.

While I can understand your frustrations in getting answers, I found the tone of your current post rather disrespectful and insensitive to Pacemaker Club members in general and particularly to those who have already taken the time to try to help you.  Of course opinions will differ because we are all individual, with our own unique health conditions and ability to exercise.  How could it be any other way?  

Some of your comments have clearly caused offence and have no place here.  No one uses a pacemaker as an excuse to not exercise as you so unkindly state.  Most of us want a pacemaker to be able to exercise more, to live as near a normal life as is possible and work very hard to achieve this.  Both my husband and I have pacemakers and even at our age, we try to push ourselves to our absolute limits.  


by Lavender - 2022-07-03 14:54:36

Many of us remember being 18 and feeling invincible. I hear you saying that you're confused and scared. You want to hear from others in your situation. You know there's so much conflicting information on the internet as well as everywhere else. Even among doctors, there are differences in what they believe. 

"Im confused and frustrated ...people spread info that just confuses me more and scares me to even lift. Please someone who has a pm and lifts tell me the restrictions they have based on personal experience and not based on some random persons opinion who doesn't even lift"

It may be hard to get a "one size fits all" definite answer. I know you're just getting into this pacemaker stuff and in previous posts, you certainly expressed gratitude for input. Others here have had pacemakers put in when younger and older than what you are now. 

I remember 18. Your frustration and confusion is NORMAL. I have to laugh because your post reminded me of Alice Cooper's song called "Eighteen". You're smart. You're working on this and if you're patient with yourself and everyone else-you will solve this problem. Just remember that pacemaker people are still great athletes in many cases!

I can see that you're wondering about your future. You have many decades to go and are thinking of how this might affect your future. Understandable!

weight lifting

by athena123 - 2022-07-03 15:35:23

Fitutin, you can lift weights and the only restrictions i would say is heavy bench presses for fear of crushing your leads. Everything else should be fine ,but the trick is just to use some common sense and also pace yourself. take time in between sets to cool down. Your very young so you will be fine. good luck 


Finding the help and support you need

by Gotrhythm - 2022-07-04 16:46:06

Though I've never been into weightlifting, I understand your frustration at the difficulties getting good guidance on what you can do now that you have a pacemaker.

About your doctor with a conservative attitude. Doctors, like everyone else are human. They know some things well and are ignorant in other area.They have different comfort levels with various degrees of risk. It is easier to tell you "don't try" than to spend time telling you what the real risks are and how you can (safely) continue your sport.

That puts you in the position you're in right now. Trying to find the answers you need elsewhere. But that leaves you in the positiion of trying to guess which parts of your doctor's advice youare going to ignore. And how much of the truth about what you're really doing that you're going to try to keep from him.

I'm not suggesting you change doctors immediately but I would suggest you start looking around for one who has more younger patients, patients who share your diagnosis. One who has an active lifestyle him\herself and who is more able to support you in your weightlifting aspirations. One whose risk-tolerance is closer to yours. Consider traveling if you have to, to reach the doctor that's right for you.

At 18, you have many, many years to live with a pacemaker. You need and deserve a doctor who is willing and able to support you in living your best life, achieving your goals, becoming all you can be.

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