Noise in Lead

Hi Everyone, 

I went to my EP for a regular visit and he found out (other than my PM had again traveled under my arm) that there was noise in one of my leads, and he was concerned because I'm 100% paced in this lead.

Since then a week later I had a few late evening vasovagal episodes and this last week I can't function after 9:00. I just need to go to bed.  I let the doctor know, but he put me on medication to make my BP go higher and cannot take after 3:00. 

I'm not sure what to do, I was just wondering if anyone else experienced anything like this. I have an Azure XT 2 lead pacemaker.  My last pacemaker was put in in July 2020, but the lead that is giving me problems was put in in November of 2003.  

Thank you for reading and any experiences or suggestions will be very much appreciated.   Karri



by Lavender - 2022-07-01 15:29:47

I'm sorry to read this. I'm thinking it would cause me anxiety wondering what to do. The thing is, if the EP thought it was dangerous, I would think he would have put you right in the hospital. He should surely have some suggestions.  You can't be his first rodeo with a noisy lead. 

Is the lead malfunctioning and needing extraction/replacement? Do you have room for another lead if they turn this one off? He is the one who should be giving advice. 

It looks like you've had a long history with pacemakers and I am sure you are fed up with having issues. You deserve a time of peace. 

Keep after the doc to get some answers. ✌🏼


by AgentX86 - 2022-07-02 12:42:06

Noise in the lead means that it's fractured and needs to be replace at some point.  To counteract the noise, they'll increase the capture voltage which, in turn, will reduce the lifetime of the battery somewhat.  It's concerning but not an emergency.  A lead failing after a couple of decades isn't at all unusual.

Noise in Lead

by Karri - 2022-07-03 10:14:05

Thank you so much for responding Lavender and AgentX86.  

My doctor keeps telling me he needs to replace that lead because I'm 100% paced on that one, but then he never gets back to me.

He is a new doctor,  my original one retired.  My HR is set for 80 bpm but in the 70's,  and three weeks ago when I was in clinic they pushed the capture time out to 30 minutes so they don't get so much noise.   Not sure if that is normal seems a bit long to me. 

Lavender,  he was saying that he was going to leave this one in and put in another,  but I have no Idea how,  and there doesn't seem like there is any room.  He said that he was going to put it under the muscle,  but they did that the last time and now it's under my arm again.  And he needs another doctor to help him with the surgery.

I'm just so frustrated,  I never had a doctor act like this, that's why I reached out here.  I guess I might have to travel a bit to find a doctor that responds to me.  





by Lavender - 2022-07-04 09:20:53

I'm thinking perhaps a second opinion from another EP is in order. Your EP should be getting back to you.

I know others have had the pacemaker put in on the other side when one side fails to hold the pacemaker in place. 

Your EP can tell if there's room in the vein for another lead. It just sounds as if nothing concrete has been scheduled to correct your problem.  Not knowing creates more anxiety. You certainly deserve to have a plan in place. I'm sorry you're dealing with this issue. 

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