Device placed in between pectoral muscles

Did anyone have their device placed in between their pectoral muscles? If so, when you lift your left arm up and put it back down, do you feel your device being lifted up and put back down?

If so, did this feeling ever go away?


Between the pectoral muscles?

by crustyg - 2022-07-01 10:37:03

Not sure that can be correct.  *Between* the pectoral muscles is the sternum (breast bone).  Difficult to put a PM there.

*Underneath* the pecs: yes, some folk have a PM placed there, mostly ladies, I think.  But most of us have the device above/outside the pectoral muscle, underneath the skin.  My EP-doc put in a good strong anchor stitch to hold the PM box to the base of the pocket.  I felt it (local had worn off by then).  I can tilt my PM upwards from the lateral edge but this anchor holds it well.  Quite a few contributors here have had the anchor stitch break or pull out of the deep fascia that's meant to hold the box down.  *Usually

I'm now 3years in: from time to time I dig out the garden shears and hack away at bits of the garden and I'm always aware that I've done that the next day, as the muscles slide repeatedly underneath the PM pocket.  And, no, I'm not some muscle bound Adonis with fab upper body strength, just a reasonably fit 70kg man.  Swim 750-1000m without issue, press-ups, etc., but I did get twinges from the PM pocket for a year after implantatiom..

As many wise folk have said here, there does come a time when you realise that you haven't thought about/felt the PM for days.  And then suddenly you notice it - several times a day, and then you forget about it again.  Just like breathing!

So, to answer your Q: yes, eventually.  But not permanently.  We can (almost) all feel the box from time to time.

Pacemaker movement

by Lavender - 2022-07-01 15:24:20

When I lightly place my right hand on the pacemaker and move my left arm up and down, I can feel the muscles moving around the pacemaker. Like crustyg says, there's a stitch in there holding the pacemaker in place. Mine is not visible even if I wear a lower cut top.

For a long time, I could think of nothing but the feeling of that foreign object in me. Now, most of the time, it's not on my mind. I do have times where I can feel soreness but I think it's the muscle tenderness if I use that arm a lot.  

I see a licensed massage therapist twice a month. She has kept my left arm and shoulder limber. 

Thank you for the replies - you guys are AWESOME

by Vii - 2022-07-01 15:51:41


From what I was told, there are 2 sheets of pectoral muscles. They are pulled apart then the device is inserted in between them. This is what I meant to say. :)

The feeling I get when I lift my left arm up is it feels like the device comes out of place then goes back in when I put my arm down. It is slightly painful and very odd feeling.

Doctor said it'll get better with time, but just wanted to see if anyone else with the same device placement experienced this feeling?

Mine too

by Lily - 2022-07-02 18:03:07

Hi, my PM also moves along with my arm when I lift it. At first I was freaked out by this, but when I asked the doctor they told me it is normal and not to worry about it. I haven't worried since then and I can barely feel it now.

Wishing you all the best!

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