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Hey guys I'm an 18 year old who had a heart attack due to congenital ab third grade block and had to get a pacemaker implanted just 2 months ago. Before this I used to do 6hrs of excercise a day doing both power lifting and bodybuilding and occasionally chalistenics. Now I'm back at it but have a fear of lead damage and don't know what I can or can't do. I've removed chalistenics completely as well as heavy bench pressing or heavy military pressing. I've also removed Excercises like lateral raises since it hurts me a lot. 
my question is what do you think about this Excercises:

shoulder press with dumbells and machines doing 10-12 reps with a light weight but still going close to failure 

dumbells inclined chest press for 8 reps to failure 

pull ups for reps 

weighted pull ups for strength 

seated row for 10-12 reps with a light weight 

let me know what you think especially of this ExcerciseS cause I have some doubt abt them.


18 WOW!

by AgentX86 - 2022-06-30 02:20:02

the only restriction, after the initial period, that I was given was no free weight presses. The worry is trapping the leads between the bar and the collar bone and fracturing them.. Anything else was fair game. I don't do weights so no after to me.


Listen to Your Body

by SeenBetterDays - 2022-06-30 08:25:02


That's fantastic you are back to exercising and clearly extremely dedicated to your regime.  Personally, I would leave it a bit longer as your body needs some time to heal and for the scar tissue to build around the pacemaker leads.  I know that there is some variability of opinion on the time we should wait before resuming activity but your surgery is still relatively recent so I might be tempted to wait for the 12 week mark before pushing yourself too hard.  It sounds like the pain you have with some of your lifts could reflect this.  I know it's really frustrating to wait when you are used to exercising but sometimes the body needs time to heal and there is no real substitute for that. 

Have you spoken to your cardiologist or EP about this?  If you can, give them the list you have given us and see if they feel that this is reasonable or whether they would advise any adjustments or if they are able to identify moves which may be problematic.  Considering how young and fit you are I am sure you will be able to gradually resume a lot of your activities just don't rush it and get some proper medical advice.  Good luck! You're amazing!



by doublehorn48 - 2022-06-30 21:28:00

I've had a pacemaker for 35 years. I was lifting free weights before my first pacemaker and I'm still lifting free weights. The only lift I can't do is  a front squat. The bar will rest on the pacemaker. Up until a few years ago I lifted as heavy as I wanted to lift. I don't go to a gym anymore, that's why I quit lifting heavy weights. Some people say that all the reps will wear out the leads faster. My leads have worn out about as fast as everyone else's leads. I'm glad that I kept lifting, after getting a pacemaker,  since  what I've read says you should keep your strength as you age. And the best way to do that is resistance training.

Best of luck

m. scott

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