Has anyone heard of a CCM ? Cardiac Contractility Modulation therapy device.

Well my cardio doc has recommended that I get a CCM implanted alongside my ICD. I've had my ICD implanted in Oct '21 because of my genetic condition - LMNA Cardiomyopathy. Since then my EF has improved thru medications, etc. I am on 3 different pills a day and he feels that there is room for increased improvement thru the implantation of this newly developed device. From what I know there are only ~7,000 implants worldwide and the therapy that the device delivers can and has reversed gene programming from heart failure fetal phenotype to normal phenotype. Does anyone have this device installed or have heard of it ?

Here's a quick link about the device -


Thank you !



by AgentX86 - 2022-06-14 10:58:02

I'd not heard of it but it appears to be a device intended to strengthen the heart muscle by injecting a voltage during the contraction part of the cycle, rather than at the beginning (to start the process).  From what I read, it seems to be pretty effective when combined with CRT. The average LVEF increased by 25%.  If my reading is correct, it seems like a winner.

With only 7000 implants worldwide, I doubt that you're going to find any here. Also, with only 7000, I'd also expect it to be experimental, for what that's worth.


by Julros - 2022-06-14 22:15:47

I have not heard of this therapy but is sounds intriguing. My son and I both have an LMNA defect but for now our EF is close to normal. My sister who has not gotten a genetic test yet is currently hospitalized with new congestive heart failure. Perhaps this device is in her future.

Thank you for the link.

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