Abbott Aveir dual chamber leadless pacemaker

Hi group,

I"m scheduled for a dual implant of the Abbott  Aveir dual chamber leadless pacemaker this coming Wednesday.  I'm curious if anyone on the board has participated in this clinical trial and relate their experience so far.  Regardless I will report back with short term and medium term results.



Aveir max pacing limit?

by dogtired - 2022-05-25 14:35:13

Interesting I wasn't aware of this option as far as leadless PMs.  Do you know what the max pacing limit is?  I was evaluated for the Micra VR but it was determined that the max limit of 105 would be too low for my lifestyle.  Please keep us informed as you progress in this trial.Thanks for posting


by JamesInHouston - 2022-06-06 12:19:52

The pacemaker implants were deferred.  The ablation to burn the spot causing the PVCs was initially successful without killing the main electrial bundle.  This only lasted 12 hours.  So now for rescheduling to do the pacemakers.

On the previous question, I was told the pacing limit was 170.  But will double check that.


by JamesInHouston - 2022-06-26 15:36:31

Back on for the leadless dual PMs in late July.

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