Biotronik Battery

I had my battery changed last week Thursday from St Jude to Biotronik with a home monitor.  My St Jude leads are fine.  I have been hearing tiny clicking sounds which are more audible when I am lying down.   Not all the time, only towards the end of my sleep, and not so much when I am standing up.  I stopped using my home monitor just to observe but the crackling sound is still there.  Thanks guys.  It's a great feeling to have you out there.



by AgentX86 - 2022-05-24 14:00:37

You might try recording it.  Cell phones are probably the easiest recorder but may have some dangers.  You can put a microphone on your pacemaker to try to record the clicking.  Try testing the pacemaker and then place it on your ear. If you can record it your EP will be less likely to request a psych consutation. ;-)

It could also be pulsatile tinnitus, where you're hearing your heart beat.  This is almost always benign. You probably won't be able to record this but it still should be reported to your doctors. In this case, also tell your PCP.  It may not be heart related, directly.

thank you

by Moana - 2022-05-25 13:54:58

Thank for the input AgentX86.  Most helpful.  I have an appointment Thursday 5/25 with my PMP.


by Moana - 2022-05-29 01:13:06

Just to close the loop on my battery clicking issue, it was not my battery.  It was my dry throat making subtle clicking sounds with my breath.  I was laughing hard at 2:00 am when I diagnosed the problem.

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