fever with backache

Hello everyone. I threw my upper back out about 4 days ago and the last couple of days i could really feel it when i breathed. Now, it seems im starting to run a mild fever last couple of days, its only at night. its impossible making an appointment because they are all booked up. Does anyone know whether aspirin is safe to take, also, this has elevated my heart rate as well, is that to be expected? thanks for listening


You need medical advice

by Gemita - 2022-05-24 04:07:55

Athena, firstly with your increasing symptoms, I would respectfully suggest that if you cannot be seen by your regular general practitioner, you consider visiting ER for some checks.  I am concerned about your fever symptoms at night and discomfort on breathing.

I have always found that stress of any kind to my body can trigger increased heart rates and upper back pain is a stress and can certainly do it for me.

On pain relief, I was always advised Paracetamol (Acetaminophen) would be a "safer" option for me than say low dose Aspirin, particularly since I am on an anticoagulant and the dual action of an antiplatelet med (Aspirin) with my anticoagulant (Edoxaban) could increase the risk of bleeding and gastric distress.

I send my best wishes Athena and hope that your symptoms will ease quickly and that you haven't done any lasting damage.

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