How soon to lift weights

Just had my pacemaker battery changed after 14 years and was wondering how long do you

have to wait to lift weights again? I did not get my wires changed. Also is it normal for the area around the pacemaker site to be swollen and very tender? I dont remember being this swollen

the first go round. Thanks for any input



by Persephone - 2022-05-15 01:04:59

Hi Fritzee - I hope you're feeling well. Can't comment on the weight lifting Q - I think that's up to your provider - but I had a significant amount of swelling upon initial implant a few years ago. It abated over time and all was well, but of course have it checked if you have concerns.

Thank you

by Fritzee - 2022-05-15 19:36:21

Thank you Persephone for your feedback!

Ok if same leads

by PacedNRunning - 2022-05-22 02:30:07

If the leads are the same and just a simple device change you should be good to go when you feel ready. The area may be sore from the trauma of surgery. See what your doctor says but we only have restrictions if it's new leads. 

thank you

by Fritzee - 2022-05-24 21:11:04

Thanks paced and running

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