blurry vision in right eye

Get short bursts of blurry to no vision in right eye.  Is not always connected to fast heart beat.  Only lasts a couple of seconds.

Had the Carotid ultasound done still the same for the past 6 years at 45%.  The Echogram no change since this past July 2021.  This morning was called as the Cardiologist wanted a current pacemaker check.

Did have 2 blood tests done Sedimentation rate-Westergren 43 out of range 0-30. the other was C-Reactive Protein .4 range <.3.  The retina Dr. was looking for Giant Cell Arteritis.  Thank goodness do not have that.

An infection is in the blood.

My question is with the pacemaker.  If the upper rate of 130 was reduced, would the fast heart beats  be less? 

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Identify and treat your infection then perhaps your arrhythmias/other symptoms will ease

by Gemita - 2022-05-13 05:03:18

New to Pace, you ask a very good question.  If the upper rate of 130 was reduced, would the fast heart beats be less?  A pacemaker alone cannot prevent a fast atrial (or ventricular) arrhythmia or stop their progression, only medication/ablation/defibrillator can attempt to do this.  Reducing the Upper Rate of 130 bpm would not prevent the tracking of for example an atrial arrhythmia like AF.  There is however a programme on your Medtronic pacemaker that can and that is called Mode Switch which no doubt has been activated for you.

Mode Switch can be set to switch pacing away from the atria - stop tracking the atria for the duration of the fast atrial arrhythmia - so that these fast rhythms are prevented from passing through your AV node to push your ventricles too fast.  You could ask your EP at what rate your Mode Switch is set to trigger a switch to a non tracking mode?  Mode Switch for me is set to activate when my atrial arrhythmia reaches 170 bpm I believe.  Ask your EP about your Mode Switch settings and how you might achieve better control of your atrial arrhythmias through this or other settings or programmes?  To confirm, Mode Switch is a rate control feature designed to prevent the tracking of paroxysmal atrial tachycardias. This is performed by placing the device in a non atrial tracking mode (mine goes from AAIR to DDIR mode until the episode is over, then it switches back automatically to AAIR mode).  This prevents a rapid ventricular paced rate in response to the rapid atrial rate.

You say you get blurry to no vision for a few seconds in right eye, not always related to a fast heart beat.  The vision loss is a worrying new symptom New to Pace and I really hope the cause can be identified quickly.  I do recall when my AF was out of control at very high heart rates, I experienced vision disturbances and they were a warning sign that I needed to find better control for my AF to prevent the sudden swings in both my heart rate and blood pressure.  Of course if there is an infection present, this could well be a trigger for any worsening arrhythmias, high heart rates and vision disturbances and I am very glad that you are seeing a number of consultants to try to treat your symptoms and to identify the infection present.  

I do hope we can get your arrhythmias under better control so that your symptoms will ease.  I wish you all the very best


by new to pace.... - 2022-05-13 06:05:07

Thanks as ususal for you very informative answer Gemita.

From the last remote transmission  for Jan- March 3/15/22 there were 10 A-fib epsiodes, 8 atrial High rate episodes, and no Ventricular high rate episodes.  There were 10 Mode switch Episodes, and 1.1 percent Mode switched.  With  a mixium Duration of 00:00:47.02. 

In the coment section: Health trends do not demonstrate significant abnormality.  

When i get the results from the remote done May 12,2022 will post that information.  Which should be in a couple of days.

new to pace

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