Sore shoulder

Recently I have been suffering with shoulder pain near my pacemaker, which was implanted 6 years ago.  This one was the second one as the leads from my first pacemaker somehow got crushed between my clavicle and shoulder causing jerking of my shoulder and causing the pacemaker to basically short out.  Now, as I said, I am having pain after six years of no problems.  Any one else?  Any suggestions


Seek advice

by Gemita - 2022-05-06 21:03:13

Katey, since you have had problems in the past I would let your doctors know so that they can carry out tests to check whether your leads are causing the problem.  If not you could then get an orthopaedic opinion since shoulder pain needs assessing and treatment started as soon as possible to avoid chronic pain developing.  A heart condition may also cause left arm/shoulder pain, so should never be ignored.

My pacemaker was implanted in 2018 and I still get discomfort around my device, going up into my left arm and shoulder but I keep my shoulder moving as much as possible to avoid a chronic condition called frozen shoulder.  Some of us can develop pain symptoms even after many years but it needs investigating.  You won't know how to treat it until you get a firm diagnosis for the pain.  I wish you well

Sore shoulder

by AgentX86 - 2022-05-09 12:20:19

I agree with Gemita but I'd suggest that you don't delay. There could be a problem with the leads or artery. It's probably nothing, in which case it's no harm no foul. OTOH, on the slight chance that it's more serious, time may be of the essence. Better safe than sorry.

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