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Recently, had my PC upgraded to 3 leads due to heart pumping problem. I pace 100% of time due to baracardia (sp).. I was offered to exchange my bedside monitor with an app on my phone. 

My question is does anyone have experience with the app? I like the bedsie monitor for security feelings Also I have the tendency to loose things.(lol).

Thanks Paul




by IBPAUL - 2022-05-06 17:03:14

I see where there is an active Poll on monitor vs app. Nice, but would like feedback on app use

Monitoring App

by Gemita - 2022-05-06 20:39:25


Our Poll was primarily set up to establish how many of us receive "home" monitoring and the frequency of this.  We were not primarily looking at phone box type monitor which sits on bedside table as opposed to using the App.  As you will see, some of us don't have any "home" monitoring at all and only have annual in clinic checks.

I have a Medtronic PM (implanted 2018).  My particular model needs a Reader to place over my device to connect to my Medtronic App which I have running on my iPhone to transmit data to my clinic.  With newer PM models the App is apparently able to directly connect to the PM via Bluetooth.  My pacemaker clinic has set up a MyCareLink account.  I only transmit data on an as needed basis.  I do not have nightly automatic downloads although I did at one time.  It depends on your condition and how frequently your doctors need to monitor you and this will be different for each one of us which may change over time.

Recently I posted on this subject and I attach a link which is lengthy but might be worth perusing.  There are some valuable contributions from many members with different models of pacemakers.  Hope that answers your questions, but please ask again if not.  Also remember, if you like your bedside monitor, just say no thank you to the App, but I can see clear benefits in having the latter set up as well.


by Dixie Chick 65 - 2022-05-06 21:26:45

I've had a dual chamber PM for the past 2 years and have used the app successfully during that time. Transmissions are scheduled and sent automatically. There are also several categories on the app that are useful, my favorite shows your activity level daily, weekly and monthly.

The app actively " communicates " with the PM so you don't have to do anything !! Love the App !


by AgentX86 - 2022-05-06 21:53:01

The  bedside box is shite. I hated rhythm thing, in fact I just threw the puck thingy under the bed and forgot about it.

The app is good. There are some things I'd change, we're I king, but it's worlds better. It's also "with you" in case you have trouble.

Go with the app, definitely!


by IBPAUL - 2022-05-07 11:09:34

Appreciate the comments. Have my follow up visit this Tuesday. Expect to be cleared for golf again, I know I need to be patient but at 77 , squeezing the juice out of the apple of life is a priority. My grandson thinks he can beat me now and I must prove him to be in error.!!

Pace on and stay strong.


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