Restricted body weight and weight movement with a PM

Heyyy, im new to the community and have like 2 days with my PM. Im a bodybuilder and chalistenics athlete amd would like to know what movements should i avoid to protect my leads. I need help i really cant find any info



by AgentX86 - 2022-05-05 00:35:49

You should have been given a list of restrictions for the first four to six weeks.  Something like:

-nothing heavier than 10lbs

-hands below the shoulders and in front of your body

-no arm extension forward

These are more to protect the wound than the leads. Split open the incision and it could easily become infected. Infections near your pacemaker is deadly serious stuff.

After that, there may be a prescription for full golf swings or tennis serves(on that side) for four to six months.

The above are typical but listen to your EP.

After that, go for it. I was only told that free-weight presses were off limits, for fear if crushing my leads between the bar and clavicle. I'm dependent so yhat would be really bad.

doctors vary

by Tracey_E - 2022-05-05 09:43:50

That's a discussion to have with your doctor, but once you heal the pacer itself shouldn't keep you from doing anything you want to do. Some doctors are conservative and say to limit bench presses and pull ups. My doctor said no limits. 

If you do a search (tiny magnifying glass in upper right corner), this comes up about once a week here. 


by doublehorn48 - 2022-05-05 12:17:45

I've had a pacemaker since 1987. I've had multiple pacemakers and leads like everyone else on this board that has had a pacemaker for any lenth of time. 2017 I had my first lead extraction. When leads wear out the surgeon simply replaces the old leads with new ones and leaves the old leads alone, until there's no room and leads are extracted and new ones are put in their place. My wife was concerned about my lifting weights so I asked the surgeon if lifting weights would cause me to need my leads replaced more often. He said lifting your arm will wear out your leads. I haven't noticed that my leads wearing out any faster than anyone elses. I have lifted free weights since my first pacemaker. If you touch your pacemaker with the bar it will pinch. So you avoid that exercise. If you want to keep lifting is up to you. Many people  on this board are still lifting.

Have a great life

m. scott

Thanks a lot

by Fitutin - 2022-05-05 12:18:22

i aprreciate the help and look forward to stay in the club and help in any way possible. Yall have no idea how much comfort i got from finding this club. Thanks.

Wound healing

by LondonAndy - 2022-05-10 16:15:58

Just to add my little bit to the words of wisdom already given, in case not aware the typical healing time for an incision is 6 to 8 weeks - you will doubtless be able to tell when yours has reached that point.

Also, after then I rubbed Bio Oil into the wound daily for a good six months, and now it is almost invisible. Keep the scar out of the sun for a year at least, as they burn easily and can stay permanently dark.

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